Known Idiosyncrasies You Should Watch for in Your BMW

BMW has a long history of high-level performance, style, and comfort. The experienced folks at Eurofed Automotive love all of these great qualities. Still, like all makes and models, BMW has its share of known issues. Savvy BMW owners can save money and their vehicles by watching out for these top five repair and service issues to know when to contact a mechanic.

While many of these are more common with model years 1999-2006, they can occur in all iterations and models from BMW.


Oil leaksIf you smell burning oil, see a small puddle of oil under your car or thick white smoke from the exhaust or under the hood, you may have oil dripping from the gasket onto the exhaust or a failing fuel pump.

Issues with the Rear Window RegulatorWhen your rear windows no longer go up, you probably have a broken window regulator stuck in the down position.

Coolant LeaksIf the coolant light indicator blinks on after you’ve refilled your coolant, or your car seems to run hot, there’s a chance you have a coolant leak. These leaks need to be addressed before the coolant shorts out nearby electrical parts, whether it’s due to tank expansion, a hairline crack in the tank, or a separation in the reservoir.

Fan Blower ResistorDoes your fan blower motor keep running nonstop after the car is off? Is it draining your battery? Then you might have a failed fan blower resistor.

Bushing FailureIf you feel shuddering when you press the brakes at high speed or hear thumping noises from under the hood, you may have cracked or worn thrush arm bushings. A critical component of the suspension system, these rubber units are known to fail around 75,000 miles.

If you have any of these issues, let the experienced technicians at Eurofed Automotive in Kennesaw, GA, help you. Contact us to talk about your BMW today!

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