Eurofed Automotive Alignment Services

What is an Alignment service?

When a Vehicle is brought into a Eurofed Automotive location for an alignment service, our dealer-trained technicians utilize the latest hunter-engineering alignment equipment to read if the vehicle’s wheels are set within the vehicle’s manufacturer specified toe, camber and caster.

Once the alignment is measured the technician makes the necessary adjustments to key points of the suspension to bring them back into spec. Key points of adjustment include tie rods, camber plates, eccentric bushings, control arms. Once the key points are adjusted and the vehicle is test driven once more to ensure the service has been completed and ready for the client.

Signs your vehicle needs a wheel alignment?

There are some noticeable signs that could indicate your is misaligned and is in need of a wheel alignment service. Here are some common signs that your vehicle is due for an alignment.

  • Uneven tire wear
  • Balding tires
  • Crooked steering wheel
  • Squealing tires
  • Vehicle pulling to the left or right
  • Road noise
  • Steering wheel vibrations

The benefits of a routine alignment service

Other than watching out for the key signs, another key method to ensure your vehicles suspension is properly within spec is to have an alignment performed as routine maintenance. At Eurofed we typically recommend having a wheel alignment service performed at least once a year combined with a tire rotation service.

By having your alignments performed on a routine basis by our experienced mechanics you will maximize the life of your tires and make sure your suspension bushings are not cracking or torn which can also strongly affect your vehicle’s alignment as well. Since We offer a multi-point inspection with every alignment our technicians are able to catch issues early to help you resolve them early before they become a more costly repair.

Learn more about the services our facilities offer.

What if I am preparing a car for a track day? 

When setting up a car for the track the alignment is set for the maximum amount of grip and responsiveness that the suspension and tires can offer at the expense of tire wear. However all track vehicles are different and demand a more bespoke touch to ensure it performs as predictable as possible for the driver.

With the track spec alignment services offered at Eurofed Automotive we make sure your alignment is set exactly to how you want your vehicle to perform on the track.

Where can I have an automotive shop perform an alignment service near me?

You can have an alignment service performed by a dealer-certified technician at most Eurofed Automotive locations and is backed by a 1 year warranty.

The alignment services by Eurofed Automotive is a form of routine maintenance for your vehicle’s suspension that also maximizes your tire life to save you money down the road. Contact your local Eurofed to learn more about our preventative and affordable services

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