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Eurofed Automotive has some shocking news for new Audi owners in Duluth, GA. Despite what your dealership might tell you, they aren’t the only place to find specialist repairs and maintenance services. In fact, an independent mechanic might provide higher quality repairs at lower costs to you! Don’t settle when it comes to your Audi’s service! A qualified and passionate team of experts makes all the difference in your vehicle’s health and performance over its lifetime.

How to Find a Local Alternative

Audi is a leader in luxury and premier automotive engineering. These German vehicles hold great respect in the automotive industry for their precision manufacturing and performance. No one knows your Audi better than the import specialists that devote their careers to it. Import repair shops like Eurofed Automotive in Duluth, GA are truly passionate about the work that’s gone into engineering Audi vehicles. We pursue the industry’s highest technical certifications to offer trustworthy luxury repair services. Just like the dealerships, we follow factory recommended maintenance schedules to ensure your vehicle never misses inspection or maintenance points.

Factory Recommended Maintenance

When it comes to vehicle care, routine maintenance is key. That’s why Audi designs their vehicles with optimal schedules for maintenance services like oil changes in mind. You can learn more about your specific model’s recommended intervals in the owner’s manual. Or simply speak with one of our knowledgeable technicians! We are Audi specialists and have all the knowledge necessary to take quality care of your car or SUV.

  • 10,000 Miles: Oil Change & Multi-Point Inspection

  • 30,000 Miles: Brake Fluid Change

  • 40,000 Miles: Replace Filters & Spark Plugs

Import Specialists Prioritize YOU!

The bottom line is simple: specialist import repair shops like Eurofed Automotive in Duluth, GA prioritize you. We keep our customers at the center of all our services and stay committed to honest, fair, and affordable repairs. Dealerships don’t operate to build the same long-lasting relationships we enjoy with our clients. For quality Audi repair and service, consider your local specialists.

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