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Supercar Killer Our buddy _mowe_ brought his beautiful Ara Blue Crystal Audi RS3 in for a full APR Stage 2+ kit and Unitronic Software to be installed to unleash the potential of this wonderful platform. The RS3 has quickly gained a cult following and for good reason. They are by far one of the most […]

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Mercedes Transmission Differential, Clutch Service Repair

Let’s talk to about the Mercedes Transmission Differential, Clutch Service Repair! Class, sophistication, reliability, and performance – the Mercedes-Benz has it all. Nevertheless, it won’t stay that way especially if you do not provide the maintenance services to keep it running smoothly. Often overlooked components of your Mercedes-Benz that require that maintenance and servicing are […]

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BMW Repair Services – Fixing the Ignition Coil

Once you have had the experience of driving a BMW, there is a chance you may not be interested in any other brand. This is mainly because BMWs are very reliable cars – something every BMW owner can attest to. However, like every other  brand, some models are less reliable than others due to  certain components that […]

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FULL STAGE 2 APR POWER Why do we trust and push APR? We do for two huge reasons, reliability and consistency. APR goes above and beyond with the R&D of their products to ensure that they can achieve OEM levels of reliability. With that level of development and quality you know that your vehicle will consistently […]

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