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The perfect E46 M3 is subject to opinion however we’d make a strong case that this Eurofed built E46 M3 is pretty close! The E46 M3 was introduced in 2000 and was immediately a fan favorite. Offered only in a coupe, you had many roof options from BMW. Most E46 M3’s produced had a sunroof however few were considered a “slicktop” version with no sunroof at all. Of course BMW offered a vertical soft-top in 2001 to appease the luxury sporty appearance. Over 85,000 E46 M3’s were produced worldwide and all had the S54 Engine!

Before we get into the build and upgrades on the car, let’s give some context. Donning a Phoenix Yellow Paint Code, this M3 just rolled over 104,000 miles as it came into the shop. Being a 2002 production year, this means it was a pre-facelift version. This M3 was fitted with a 6 speed manual transmission from the factory and is not considered a slicktop because it has a sunroof.

The first major step we had to take was fine tuning the suspension. Previously the owner complained the car was very unhappy under hard cornering. Obviously we had to get a new coilover system and we went with Bilstein Coilovers. To give full adjustability in the front, we went with Vorshlag camber plates so that we could clear the aggressive forged Apex Arc-8’s. A square setup on the ARC-8s is going to provide a balanced corner and plenty of front end grip! Next we installed H&R Sway Bars and adjustable end links. At this point you’re probably wondering why everything is adjustable, however to properly dial a car of this build, you need full ability to tune every piece. To put the icing on the cake, a Dinan Brace Bar was installed in the engine bay.

The brake kit we installed is one of the most interesting pieces on the car. We took a 996 Porsche caliper in yellow with Rally Road Brackets to convert onto the OE hub. Instead of putting on Porsche rotors, we were able to utilize the CSL rotors provided by BMW. The extra stopping power of these brakes will give an updated and modern feel in the brake pedal. Most performance cars nowadays have either 4, 6, or 8 piston brakes.

After installing everything suspension and braking wise, we moved on to the actual powertrain of the vehicle. Adding Dinan coil packs was our first choice engine wise. The increased coil pack output that is illustrated in the photo below shows how significant the difference is.

Next we added a Rogue Engineering short shifter. Essentially the short shifter decreases the travel from gear to gear giving the transmission a very sporty feel. To go into depth further, the shifter adds 150g to the top shift lever while also changing out the internal components. The added weight combined with the different levers is the ultimate combination of sporty and daily driver.

Let’s talk about cosmetics! For starters, this car is absolutely beautiful on the outside however the upgrades we made were tasteful. The Pre-LCI tail-lights came out and we added the LED LCI conversion tail-lights in. On top of that, we also swapped out the fog lights for Morimoto projector fog lights. The tail-lights are tasteful but our favorite subtle piece was the fog lights. Featuring a black housing,

The E46 M3 interior is timeless but every car needs some spice to it and to cover our need to mod, we threw in a Status Gruppe Center Console. This CF console is not only minimal but it is also lightweight and really takes the interior into the future. Next up we tackled the steering wheel. Adding carbon fiber and perforated leather makes this sporty but easy to clean! Alcantara looks great however the oils on your skin can matte down the surface easily.

All in All, we’d give this E46 M3 a 10/10. His mods are tasteful and very calculated. The suspension bits give the car a very balanced feel and to top it all off the short shifter changes the driving experience significantly. The S54 sounds amazing in the cabin and the car never gets unsettled through corners. You can get your E46 M3 built by Eurofed Johns Creek or any of our Eurofed Atlanta locations by clicking the schedule service button above. At Eurofed Automotive we are a Turn14 dealer meaning we can get most aftermarket parts quickly! Don’t hesitate to reach out to any store to get you taken care of today.

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