Careers in the Automotive Industry

Are You Interested in Auto Repair?

Are you the kind of person that loves learning about how things work? Maybe you are the person your friends call when they have a complicated set of instructions to put together a piece of furniture. Those who love problem-solving and engineering are well-suited for careers in the auto repair industry! Eurofed Automotive is a team of like-minded, solution-oriented car enthusiasts. Our team works together to provide reliable auto repairs for drivers in our community of Snellville, Georgia and we’d be happy to show you what a day in our job is like! If you are interested in a career in the automotive industry, explore the roles of our staff members and contact us to learn more!

Auto Technicians

The auto technicians at Eurofed Automotive are distinguished experts. With unique stories and backgrounds, they contribute all of their years of experience at our shop to create a powerful team. They prove that there is no single “right” way to enter the automotive industry, but a good start is always with the Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Certification. The tools and knowledge our technicians put into repairs at our shop every day came from years of training with the industry’s best programs. There are so many ways to grow and develop in our industry, and with so many ways to specialize in your craft, it’s easy to see why becoming an auto technician is so rewarding!

Service Writers

Do you have a passion for helping others? If you prefer customer-oriented roles that allow you to connect and communicate with individuals, a service writer position could be perfect for you! The advisors at Eurofed Automotive in Snellville, Georgia are true car enthusiasts and they get to share their passion and knowledge every day by helping our guests with their vehicle needs. They are the liaison between the technicians and the customers, bridging the gap in expertise and general knowledge. They use their skills to recommend ideal services for each individual that enters the shop based on their unique situation. Those who work as service writers get immediate and consistent satisfaction knowing that their role helps others in need of reliable auto solutions.

Want to know more about how our team of professionals got to where they are today? Read more about our team and learn about all the incredible opportunities available to you in the auto repair industry!

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