Five Things to Look For in An Auto Repair Shop

Finding a Quality Auto Shop

Are you on the hunt for a specialty auto repair shop? Finding a trustworthy team to handle import repairs can be surprisingly difficult. You want to make sure you aren’t overpaying or getting unnecessary work done on your car. To help you weed out less than perfect options, Eurofed Automotive has compiled a list of the top five qualities your import auto repair shop should meet. Keep these features in mind when deciding who will care for your car.

Top Import Shops Share These Attributes

  1. Accurate Diagnostics

  2. Avoid auto shops that use scare tactics to earn business. Phrases like, “I wouldn’t drive this another mile,” might be a signal of suspicious diagnosis. Reputable auto shops rely on advanced diagnostic technology to inform customers of the health of their vehicle. They keep honesty and integrity at the center of operations.

  3. Certified Technicians

  4. Auto shops that pursue awards and accreditations meet national standards for their team’s competency, skill, and knowledge. The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence, as one example, certifies technicians who pass rigorous training and testing. Other recognizable groups such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB) award shops with clean and safe work environments, for strong business ethics and even for environmental stewardship.

  5. Original Equipment (OE) Replacement Parts

  6. Quality repairs start with quality replacement parts. A great import repair shop especially understands the importance of using original equipment from a vehicle’s manufacturer to maintain the vehicle’s intended performance and protect its value. Some shops cheap out on repairs by sourcing aftermarket parts that don’t stand up to equal standards. Speak with your tech to find out where and how they stock replacement parts.

  7. Great Reviews & Reputation

  8. Sometimes, a great way to gauge the quality of an auto repair shop is by speaking with their customers. Does the shop have long-lasting relationships with drivers in its community? A sense of community signals a strong reputation for reliable repairs. What do recent visitors have to say about their auto repairs and customer service?

  9. Fair & Honest Pricing

  10. A quality import repair shop doesn’t have to beat around the bush when it comes to pricing because they’ll charge fairly for their services. Be wary of shops that don’t easily share critical information such as the cost of repairs.

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