How Volkswagen Owners Avoid Auto Repairs

Stick to Your Recommended Maintenance Schedule

Volkswagen vehicles are well-known for their reliability and durability. For most VW owners, keeping up with the basics of preventative maintenance is all it takes to avoid serious auto repairs. To help our customers continue to get the most out of their well-engineered VW vehicles, Eurofed Automotive is breaking down essential maintenance services. All VW models, from Beetles to Tiguans, can avoid auto repairs with a regular maintenance schedule. Look for factory recommended intervals or speak with our technicians to find a routine that fits your driving demands.

Preventative Maintenance Services

Oil Changes

All drivers know they need regular oil changes to protect engine components and performance, but did you know that not all oil change services are the same? Eurofed Automotive offers a range of fluid services for VW vehicles to prevent drivers from voiding warranties or harming engine parts. Not all motor oils are equally effective at protecting the engine from wear and overheating. Select the proper service for your VW to lubricate, clean and maintain critical parts.

Brake Repair & Service

If we asked you to identify the most important vehicle safety systems, we hope you would put brakes high on the list. The braking system has an enormous job and must be fully functional at all times. That’s why regular checks with a certified professional are so important. Specialty shops like Eurofed Automotive conduct precision brake service and use OE parts for repairs to protect brake power.

Tire Inspection

Tires are another critical vehicle component that is subject to wear and tear. As the first thing that meets the road, tires tend to take a beating from rough conditions and debris. Over time, tire tread may wear dangerously low and require replacement. But you can’t put just any tires on a VW vehicle. Like all other cars, each Volkswagen model is designed to operate optimally on a specific tire size. A professional import shop fits your vehicle with proper tires and performs regular inspections to check for safe tread levels and air pressure.

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