We all enjoy the European Driving Experience however the driving experience of your first BMW is unforgettable. BMW’s were branded as the Ultimate Driving Machine however what happens when that machine starts leaking oil?

BMW’s have several common places they can leak oil from! The oil pan gasket on the bottom side of your car can often become worn down over time and seep oil from the gasket. Along with the oil pan gasket, your Valve Covers and Oil filter housings can also leak however all of these are best taken care of in just one simple service.

At Eurofed Automotive in Johns Creek, we perform all of the BMW oil leak repairs above daily! Our European mechanics are certified to work on all European brands such as Audi, VW, BMW, and Porsche! Come visit us for all your service repair needs and if you’re not located in the Duluth area, you can visit any of our 10 European mechanic shops located in the Greater Atlanta Area.


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