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We’ve all been there. It’s cold outside. You climb into your car after scraping the ice off the windshield and you think you’re ready to get on the road and then BAM! Your BMW won’t turn over and your entire morning is ruined. Maybe you’re mechanically inclined and have a jump box but this doesn’t solve the problem.

Your BMW struggling to crank or not cranking at all can be a number of issues. The first place we start at Eurofed Atlanta is checking your battery voltage and the age. Low battery voltage along with old age indicates you need a new battery to get back on the road however you can’t just simply replace your battery yourself. Batteries on BMW’s are coded directly to the car and failing to code the battery will throw some very odd codes!

Another possible issue could be a faulty starter. The starters on BMW’s are very important to replace and can be costly if not installed correctly. We start by measuring the voltage of the starter to see if it’s properly firing. If it is, we move on to the alternator that’s located on the top side of the engine!

The Alternator recharges your battery as the vehicle is in use. The vehicle is constantly drawing voltage from the battery so it requires a constant recharge to go along with it! If the alternator fails, even with a new battery your car will immediately drain it. This can be detrimental to a new battery however the alternator is typically a quicker fix than a starter!

BMW’s that struggle to crank or won’t crank at all can be a number of issues however don’t sweat, we have you covered at any of our Eurofed Atlanta locations. With over 10 locations in Atlanta alone, our certified ASE technicians have years of experience working on BMW’s. You know you’ll be in great hands when you trust Eurofed Automotive with your BMW! Stop in and visit any of our locations.

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