What Is It Like to Own a Lambo?

The Cost of Exotic Car Ownership

Owners of ordinary vehicles want to know, what is it like to drive a supercar like a Lamborghini? While there’s plenty of people who will tell you about the thrill and luxury that comes with exotic car ownership, not as many talk about the costs. Sure, everyone knows that exotic vehicles come with lofty price tags, but have you ever considered the additional repair and maintenance costs?

Lamborghinis aren’t exempt from the same general repairs and services as all other vehicles. They still need oil changes and occasional replacement parts. The real difference? Routine maintenance services could seriously set you back, like up to $2,000 for a Lamborghini Murcielago’s oil change–a far stretch from the average $20-$70. Just like with all other vehicles, your specific driving style influences how frequently you’ll need repairs and service. Lead-foot drivers, beware, a brand new clutch could cost between $3,00 and $12,000, depending on which line of vehicle you select. Need transmission repair or replacement for your Lambo? That could cost up to $50,000.

Chances are, if you’re searching for a supercar, sensible maintenance costs aren’t a high priority, but they can make a huge difference over time. Selecting a luxury vehicle from a different line might save you thousands at the auto shop. For example, oil changes and spark plug replacement on the Lamborghini Gallardo come in at less than half the cost of the Murcielago. For keen money-savers, that makes quite a difference over a vehicle’s lifetime.

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Thankfully, exotic car ownership isn’t about maintaining a sensible daily driver. Luxury supercars like Lamborghinis are designed to perfection and intended to thrill. We wouldn’t want anything less from one of the world’s most renowned European brands. Proud Lamborghini owners embrace higher repair and maintenance costs as part of an ongoing investment to protect their prized possession. In case you plan to purchase a Lambo, remember that intense automotive performance demands a little extra care at a qualified auto repair shop.

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