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BMW Maintenance in Snellville, GA

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BMW Maintenance Program And BMW Ultimate Care

BMW models are German-engineered with intricate and state-of-the-art systems and components designed with precision. Aside from the innovation, luxury, and pure thrill that comes with owning a BMW vehicle, you also have peace of mind. Depending on your BMW car’s model year and when you bought it, you have access to the BMW Maintenance Program or BMW Ultimate Care plan, both of which cover a range of factory-recommended services for your car for a specific period. One such service included in both is the oil change. Oil is primarily used as lubrication for the mechanical processes within your engine. Most car engines are machined from solid metal and generate tremendous heat. A thin layer of oil coating the internal machinery ensures that heat is moderated and dissipated to keep your engine running smoothly. The oil filter also requires replacing. It removes contaminants from the engine oil, often tiny and hard pieces, that would otherwise compromise the integrity of many internal pieces by inducing wear. Eurofed Snellville West in Snellville, Georgia, is properly equipped to handle these BMW maintenance services—and so much more.

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