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Mercedes-Benz A Service

Smart drivers know that regular service for their vehicle is their best preventative against short- and long-term issues. As a Mercedes-Benz vehicle owner, you have access to a curated Mercedes maintenance plan that lays everything out for you. Mercedes-Benz A Service and Mercedes-Benz B Service are similar in nature but are distinct in key ways. For 2009 model-year cars and beyond, Mercedes-Benz A Service happens at the 10,000-mile or one-year mark. From there, it is every 20,000 miles or two years. One of the most important aspects is fluid checks for the oil, coolant, brakes, power steering, and windshield wash. Without proper oil lubrication, for example, components like your engine’s cylinders experience friction that increases the overall wear on your powertrain. If left for too long, an unlubricated engine can cause your vehicle to overheat, potentially damaging the motor and other internal parts of your vehicle, such as the battery or radiator. During this Mercedes maintenance checkup, we’ll also replace your oil filter, correct tire inflation, inspect your brakes, and reset the maintenance counter.

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