Twin Turbo R8 Build

This Dynamo Red R8 is a pure example of our top notch craftsmanship. 


This build is a little over 2 years old with over 15,000 miles of hard abuse . 


Stock Form:

The R8 came to us stock in factory form. We started with simple mods BMC drop in filters, titanium exhaust, lowering spring & a custom tune. These simple mods were short lived, but the chase, and want for more power became surreal. 


Our team sat down with the client and curated a custom plan with his allotted budget.

The ultimate goal was to push for a minimum of 1000HP, Flex Fuel, Rolling Antilag, Map Switch & more.

With only a hand full of options to choose from, we agreed to using the ALPHA AMS KIT. 

The ultimate deal breaker was they had a turn key solution with minimal wait time, and no build to order time.



  • GT35 G-Series Garrett Turbos w/ AMS Lava Rock PTP Blankets
  • AMS Air/Water Intercoolers utilizing Garrett Cores
  • AMS Tig Welded and Powder Coated Intercooler and Intake Piping
  • AMS Exhaust X Pipe w/ Tungsten Ceramic Coating
  • AMS Water Tank and Billet Cap
  • High Flow Brushless Water Pump
  • AMS Motorsport Grade Black Heat Exchangers at Front Bumper
  • TiAL Blow Off Valves and Wastegates
  • AMS ALPHA 10 Fuel System Upgrade
  • AMS Boost Controller Kit w/ Boost by Gear Function
  • AMS ECU & TCU OBD Flashing Modules
  • AMS Ancillary Components, Including all Hardware, Lines, Wiring, and Heat Shielding
  • Installation Labor Included at our West Chicago Facility
  • Calibration for both ECU and TCU on our In-house Dynamometer
  • Map Switching Selections for Low, Medium, High, and Race Boost Levels. (Valet Mode, 91, 93, and 100 Octane Fuels – International Fuel Mappings Available) via Motec
  • Dodson Huracan / R8 DL800 Billet A & B Baskets
  • AMS ALPHA Dual Pump Kit
  • AMS ALPHA Fuel Pressure Regulator & Line Kit
  • Flex Fuel Sensor Kit
  • Injector Dynamics 1300cc Injectors
Total down time on the build was roughly 1 week. The turbo installation requires tear down from front to back. The transmission was removed in order to install the dodson clutches & billet basket. Overall, the turbo kit is very much plug & plays with the exception of cooling & oil line plumbing.  
During the build, we also performed any and all services that were due as access to major components are easier to reach with panels off. The complete installation is meticulous and requires attention to detail. 
Our experienced team members do not just see their employment as a job, rather a passion in creating masterpieces. 
Once the vehicle is back together, we setup the ECU with a base file. We perform a thorough inspection after some break in miles have accrued. After a thorough inspection, we load the vehicle onto our in house dyno. The dyno is utilized to calibrate, and measure power of the new modifications that were installed. After monitoring thousands of values and editing maps, we are able to provide the most power safely without compromise in longevity.

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Twin Turbo R8 Build

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