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On this addition of Eurofed Builds we begin the process of equipping an Audi S3 with the Garret G3-770 big turbo kit from PAG parts along with a fully built 2.0T EA888. The idea behind this build is to maximize the performance capabilities of the 2.0t EA88 engine, DSG dual clutch transmission and quattro all-wheel drive system. This ultimately leads to a power level goal of 600HP for the build. However this big turbo Audi S3 isn’t going to be a dedicated track car. It will be our client’s daily driver!

That means every point of the powertrain is taken into account and upgraded if possible to ensure everyday reliability. With all of the necessary supporting mods this Audi S3 will be capable of as much as 700HP but for reliability will be tuned to a more sensible 600hp.

Big Turbo S3 Parts and Supporting Modifications

What Has Been Done So Far Now?

Thus far the 2.0T engine has been fully disassembled by our Audi technician to make room for the new upgraded components. Prior to the engine build this Audi S3 was equipped with APR intake, APR intercooler, APR lowering springs, APR rear sway bar and a Milltek Exhaust

Next Stage of the Build 

The next stage of the build begins with the reassembly of the built 2.0T with forged internals and the necessary supporting mods listed above. Furthermore the dual-clutch transmission will be outfitted with the upgraded SSP clutches to handle the power from the 600hp S3 2.0t.

When the engine reassembly stage is complete the vehicle will be provided with a custom tune made for the specific modifications. The tune will maximize the performance potential and provide the reliable 600hp figure.

Where Can I Have Performance Modifications Installed On My Audi At a Shop Near Me?

At Eurofed Automotive we offer performance solutions for Audi’s with a variety of options from the top performance vendors in the industry from our multiple locations across the American Southeast.

Contact your local Eurofed to learn more about our industry leading performance solutions.

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