Careers in the Automotive Industry

Are You Interested in Auto Repair? Are you the kind of person that loves learning about how things work? Maybe you are the person your friends call when they have a complicated set of instructions to put together a piece of furniture. Those who love problem-solving and engineering are well-suited for careers in the auto

What Is It Like to Own a Lambo?

The Cost of Exotic Car Ownership Owners of ordinary vehicles want to know, what is it like to drive a supercar like a Lamborghini? While there’s plenty of people who will tell you about the thrill and luxury that comes with exotic car ownership, not as many talk about the costs. Sure, everyone knows that

Find an Audi Repair Specialist in Duluth, GA

Audi Pride & Precision Don’t Go Back to the Dealership! Eurofed Automotive has some shocking news for new Audi owners in Duluth, GA. Despite what your dealership might tell you, they aren’t the only place to find specialist repairs and maintenance services. In fact, an independent mechanic might provide higher quality repairs at lower costs

How Volkswagen Owners Avoid Auto Repairs

Stick to Your Recommended Maintenance Schedule Volkswagen vehicles are well-known for their reliability and durability. For most VW owners, keeping up with the basics of preventative maintenance is all it takes to avoid serious auto repairs. To help our customers continue to get the most out of their well-engineered VW vehicles, Eurofed Automotive is breaking

How to Find a Reliable BMW Repair Shop

Three Reasons to See an Import Specialist Bavarian Motor Works, more commonly known as BMW, is well-known for exceptional engineering and manufacturing of luxury automobiles. BMW owners appreciate the decades of car-making and engineering that have gone into perfecting every detail of their vehicles and they want to protect it with the help of equally