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750HP 2021 Audi RS7

Out of the Box the All new 2021 Audi RS7 is already an Apex predator within the super sedan market! Being powered by a twin-turbo V8 pumping out 591HP & 590 TQ and being put down to the ground as efficiently as possible thanks to its legendary Quattro all-wheel drive for most that is an ample amount of performance for a family sedan.

2021 Audi RS7 Getting dropped off at our Eurofed Atlanta location for a performance down-pipe install

However, the great thing about Audi is that they tend to severely over build their powerplants thanks to modern building standards and the current manufacturer horsepower war that is only getting crazier by the model. That equates to stronger and more efficient drivetrains that leave a lot more left on the table performance wise that can be unlocked reliably with just a few modifications. And that is where our friends at DME Tuning and we come in.

Thanks to the addition of a set high-flow downpipes and a DME Tuning stage 2 tune we were able to bring this Autobahn Brute up to 750HP & 740TQ!! That makes for one monumentally quick super sedan.

And what makes it even more impressive is that all of the creature comforts and reliability you’ve come to expect from high end luxury vehicle is still intact. You could legitimately drive this beast around town and to the store just as you would with any other car. Only difference is when it comes to the moment you put the pedal all the way to the floor you are instantly sent to crazy town and you it’s mayor!

This dual personality formula is something Audi has already made famous when they started their RS program. It was our job just to simply enhance those characteristics to maximize the overall driving experience for our customer.

If you are looking to take your vehicle to that next level of performance, give us a call! Our team will be there to help guide you through the entire process of adding reliable performance to your vehicle.


– Will Bofill, Marketing Director at Eurofed Automotive

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