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Alpine Volks Fair 2021

What is Alpine Volks Fair?

Every year on a particular weekend of May the european automotive community descends upon the small German-style mountain town of Helen, Ga for an event known as Alpine Volks Fair organized by Eurotripper. This is one of the largest European Car Shows in the United States with its origins based on the largest European car show in the world, Worthesee Treffen. The goal of both events is simply bringing the community together and showcasing the top tier builds.

For many, Eurofed Included, this is one of the most anticipated events of the year because it gives everyone a chance to catch up with old friends, put faces to instagram names, and create new friendships. All linked by a single passion for european vehicles.

Thursday: Day 0 

While we were preparing for our own trek to the show we were paid a visit from our friend at MTM as they were making their up from Florida. This gave us a chance to get up close and personal with our buddy Nish’s beautiful Audi RS6 Avant in Nogaro Blue that features MTM performance intake and MTM Stage 1 ECU tune.

Friday: Day 1 

The Alpine Volks Fair event begins on friday where the town is covered with a variety of events that are curated to a specific type of vehicle within the Volkswagen Audi Group Family. For example there are Volkswagen Mk1, Mk2, Mk3 and Mk4 chassis meets. Each event is held by a certain sponsor with a passion for that specific category.

Eurofed, naturally, was proud to be the sponsor for the official Porsche meet at Chattahoocee Dog Haus. We were not only showcasing our own fleet of Porsche builds but some of the best the community had to offer!

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The Idea to have a variety of curated meets was incredible because it not only allows show goers to see the highest tier builds of their favorite cars but explore the wonderful town of Helen.

Friday ended with a Brews Cruise to Tantrum Brewing for an absolutely perfect get-together on an evening sunset.

Saturday: Day 2 

On Saturday was the main event held at the Unicoi Beach House sponsored by Urotuning. For the main event only 76 builds were chosen to be showcased. This brought out the absolute cream of the crop when it comes to quality european automotive builds.

We showcased our latest 993 Porsche build and 997.1 GT3RS at the Liqui Moly booth. We are proud to be partnered with a motor oil provider that not only leads the industry in automotive lubricants but is also an active part of the enthusiast culture.

Best of show was given to Kyle’s MK3 GTI that he has meticulously built over the last 4 years. The sheer attention to detail on every aspect of this build is something any enthusiast can truly appreciate. This build features a fully built turbocharged VR6 with a fully done interior that is simply perfect.

After the awards were given and the main event was over all show goers returned to Helen for one last night of fun and comradery.

For many of us within the European Automotive Community Alpine Volks Fair felt like a breath of fresh air since the event had been absent for almost 2 years. Alpine Volks Fair shows just how beautiful the automotive community can be.

Turning an entire town into a car meet is no easy task and that is why we are so thankful for organizers like Paul and his Eurotripper crew for doing their part in making sure the event went perfectly as planned.

We can’t wait to get back to the Alpine city next year for the next Alpine Volks Fair in 2022.

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