AMS Performance has always been the go-to vendor for high-performance packages. With years of experience in the automotive performance field they have developed packages which include upgraded turbos, intercoolers and supporting modifications of the highest quality.

Their latest offering is the Audi R8 Alpha 12 twin turbo package combined with MoTeC ECU’s. The Alpha 12 kit was developed to provide 1250+ horsepower on the Audi R8/ Lamborghini Huracan platform with OEM levels of reliability and turn-key ease of use. So naturally it was the only logical choice for Eurofed to be an authorized AMS performance dealer and utilize the kit for the twin-turbo program.

When doubling the horsepower of an Audi R8 there is no room for error given the cost of the platform itself and the twin-turbo kit. And the Audi R8 has always been known as the everyday supercar, which means there can not be a substantial take away from that ease of use. With the robust and thorough design of the AMS Alpha 12 package combined with the technical expertise at Eurofed for installation, it creates the absolute pinnacle of reliable Audi R8 performance.

What Does The Eurofed Twin Turbo Program Entail?

The Audi R8 twin-turbo program begins with having the vehicle brought into our Eurofed performance facility and inspected by one of our certified technicians. The technician inspects for maintenance items that need to be serviced and points of concern on the condition of the vehicle.

Once the vehicle has been deemed ready for install, the full disassembly of the vehicle is begun. At that point the vehicle is then rebuilt and outfitted with the AMS alpha 12 twin turbo kit. Next the vehicle and it’s MoTeC ecu is dyno-tuned to the clients specified fuel maps. At the end the vehicle is given a final multi-point inspection to ensure it is ready for the client to enjoy worry-free.

This whole process takes on average 2-3 weeks time from when the vehicle is inspected by a dealer certified technician.

What Parts Are Included In The Alpha 12 Twin-Turbo Package

  • GTX Series Garrett Turbos wit AMS Lava Rock PTP Blankets
  • AMS Air/Water Intercoolers utilizing Garrett Cores
  • AMS Tig Welded and Powder Coated Intercooler and Intake Piping
  • AMS Exhaust X Pipe w/ Tungsten Ceramic Coating
  • AMS Water Tank and Billet Cap
  • High Flow Brushless Water Pump
  • AMS Dual Black Heat Exchangers at Front Bumper
  • TiAL Blow Off Valves and Wastegates
  • AMS Gearworks Stage 2 Transmission Upgrade (higher stages optional)
  • AMS Performance R8/Huracan Alpha Fuel System – Twin Pump Kit
  • AMS Performance R8/Huracan Alpha Fuel System – Fuel Pressure Regulator + Fuel Line Kit
  • AMS Performance R8/Huracan Alpha Fuel System – Fuel Rail Kit
  • AMS Performance R8/Huracan Alpha Fuel System – Flex Fuel Kit Add-On
  • Injector Dynamics ID1050X Injector Set
  • AMS Dual 3-port Boost Control Solenoid Kits
  • MoTeC M142 Dual ECU Kit w/ Level 3 Logging
  • AMS TCU OBD Flashing Module
  • AMS Ancillary Components, Including all Hardware, Lines, Wiring, and Heat Shielding


Extra Features Of The Audi R8 Alpha 12 kit 

  • Calibration for both ECU and TCU on our In-house Dynamometer.
  • Map Switching Selections for Various Fuel Types and Power Levels. (Valet Mode, 91 or 93 Octane Gasoline, Flex Fuel (Ethanol/E85), and 100+ Octane Race Fuel (International Fuel Mappings Available)
  • Optional Race Track Mappings and/or Additional Mappings Available Upon Special Request

The Benefits Of Using A MoTeC ECU

The secret behind the Alpha 12 package’s success is the utilization of a MoTeC ECU. The MoTeC ECU is an aftermarket performance stand-alone engine management solution that allows a tuner a higher degree of tunability and system monitoring.

Traditionally when tuning a vehicle with the factory ECU, even when fully unlocked, there is a limited amount of access a tuner has to calibrate systems when going beyond a certain performance limit. The MoTeC M124 Kit is a complete replacement for the two factory ECUs, utilizing existing wiring, sensors and mounting hardware to deliver plug-in convenience with fully programmable control.

Along with fuel, ignition and camshaft control, this kit also supports other OE ECU features such as cruise control, A/C, adjustable driving modes, and all OE dash functionality and warning lights. The only difference is the system is designed to manage a vehicle that produces 4-digit horsepower numbers.

In addition to these OE system integrations, the MoTeC M142 EMS allows us to include advanced motorsport features that can improve traction and acceleration, boost control, and even transmission shifting. The advanced launch control and traction control features allow our calibrators to configure acceleration characteristics at a true motorsports level. We also have the ability to utilize MoTeC’s Level 3 internal data logging feature, which allows for laptop-less logging of over 900 parameters that can be used for monitoring, diagnosis, and improving the performance of the vehicle via testing.

The MoTeC M124 kit allows the AMS alpha 12 package to function as intended and provide hypercar levels of performance while maintaining the ease of use you’d expect from a factory Audi R8

Where Can I Have An AMS Performance Twin-Turbo Kit Installed On My R8/Huracan?

At Eurofed we are an authorized AMS performance dealer and proud to have built one of the first Audi R8’s with the Alpha 12 AMS package installed. With the most experienced automotive technicians in the field, we make sure the installation is done properly the first time to ensure reliability.

Contact your local Eurofed location to learn more about our European automotive performance solutions.

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