Eurofed Is Now an Authorized AMS Performance Dealer and Installer.

AMS Performance specializes in performance for turbocharged vehicles. Upgraded turbos, Intercoolers and supporting modifications or components of the highest quality are just a few products offered through the company. AMS is the industry leader for reliable engine performance and transmission upgrades.


The AMS Alpha 12 Twin Turbo Package has been outfitted on our shop 2017 Audi R8 V10 Plus build. This turbo kit includes two GTX Garrett Turbos, SSP billet clutches and basket, dual fuel pumps and a stand alone MoTec engine management system. Check out our video below for a full in depth look at our AMS Alpha 12 Audi R8.

Eurofed is proud to have one of the first Audi R8’s with this Alpha 12 AMS package installed. Horsepower output is expected to be north of 1200 horsepower. Be sure to check out our AMS Alpha 12 Audi R8 V10 Plus at upcoming events and contact your local Eurofed location to shop AMS Performance parts.

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