What Is Your Car’s Battery Responsible For?

A vehicle’s battery is responsible for providing power to your vehicle’s electrical systems including the starter and ignition system. As vehicles have become more technologically sophisticated and complex, a vehicle’s battery is critical to the operation of your vehicle.

Understanding your vehicle’s battery and when to have your battery serviced is paramount to your vehicles dependability and drivability. Here we will outline proper battery care, when to have your battery replaced, and where you can have a battery replaced by a dealer certified technician.

Signs My Car’s Battery Needs To Be Replaced

  • Battery is older than 4 years old
    • It’s recommended that each car battery is replaced after four years and to ensure your vehicle runs properly it’s important that you don’t forget to do this. There’s nothing worse than losing power mid-journey, so don’t try to extend the life of your battery for longer than you should.


  • Trouble starting vehicle / Vehicle needs to be routinely jump-started
    • When a battery is low on power it will generally not be able to provide enough power to the starter to easily turn on the engine. If you turn the key and do not hear the starter engage, the first culprit is always an out of date or drained battery.


  • Low battery voltage warning on dash / Check-Engine Light
    • Given how integral the battery is to the operation of your car, most european vehicles will notify you if there is an issue with the battery and its related systems. This is either with a battery light illuminating on the dash or a warning message.
car battery light on while driving

How To Extend My Car Batteries Life Cycle.

  • Keep battery warm
    • The cold weather is bad news for your battery so it’s important to try to keep it warm during winter. An engine or battery heater is often advised to help cars stay up and running in the cold. They not only make it easier to start the battery but help to minimise power consumed.
  • Don’t over-charge Battery
    • If you charge your battery manually, it’s important not to over-charge it as this can lead to damage. Check on the battery every half an hour to see how it’s progressing.
  • Stay on top of any signs of an electrical draw.
    • Whether it is improperly installed electrical equipment or a damaged piece of the wiring harness, vehicles can be susceptible to parasitic electrical draw and drain the battery of your vehicle.

Where Can I Have My Car’s Battery Changed At An Automotive Shop Near Me?

If your vehicle is showing signs of electrical draw or your battery needs to be replaced by a dealer-certified automotive technician Eurofed is here to fulfill that need and more. With the highest quality technicians in the industry its our priority your vehicle is serviced properly the 1st time.

Contact a Eurofed service advisor at any of our locations across the American southeast to learn about our industry leading services

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