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How to keep moisture out of your brakes.

What is a Brake Fluid Service?

Your vehicle’s brakes operate as a hydraulic system using brake fluid and pressure to provide the force necessary to slow down. As you press on the brake pedal to slow down, the brake fluid is pressurized and exerted to the four corners of the car via brake lines. When the pressurized brake fluid enters the caliper it provides the force necessary for the brake pads to clamp onto the brake rotor to slow down the car.

One of the important characteristics of brake fluid is its boiling point. Hydraulic systems rely on an incompressible fluid to transmit force. Liquids are generally incompressible while gases, boiling water, are compressible. If the brake fluid boils, becoming a gas, it will lose most of its ability to transmit the force needed to slow down a car. This will severely affect your vehicle’s braking ability.

To make matters worse, the only time you are likely to boil your brake fluid is during a period of prolonged braking, such a drive down a mountain! Furthermore the more water and moisture that sits in your brake system increases the chance of metal parts, such as the brake lines, to rust and even develop a leak.  Staying on top of the moisture accumulation within your brake fluid is critical.

When a vehicle is brought in for a brake fluid service a dealer-certified technician extracts the old brake fluid entirely from the system and replenishes it with new brake fluid with no moisture in the system. Knowing when to have a brake fluid service performed on your vehicle can ensure that it’s safe for the road.

When should I have a brake fluid service performed?

There is no set service interval of when to have your brake fluid changed. However its best practice to have your brake fluid checked during every oil change to monitor the percentage of moisture within the system.

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At Eurofed automotive we offer courtesy multi-point inspections with every service. One of the points we check is the moisture content within your brake fluid. When the percentage of moisture within your brake flood is beyond 3% we recommend having a brake fluid service performed by an experienced automotive technician.

Where can I have a brake fluid service performed by a shop near me?

You can have a brake fluid service performed by a dealer-certified technician at any of our local Eurofed locations across the southeast. All services are backed by a 2 year/ 24,000 mile warranty.

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