The Biggest Monthly Cars & Coffee in America.

Once a month Perimeter Mall is home to the largest monthly Cars & Coffee in the United States, Caffeine and Octane. An event where you get to see the entirety of the Atlanta automotive community, from all walks of life, come together to celebrate a common passion. This enables for an amount of diversity in cars that couldn’t be seen anywhere else!

For Atlanta automotive enthusiasts its ritual to clear your calendar on the first Sunday morning of the month and make your way to C&O with all your friends. Many of us have been going to almost every C&O ever since it was held at the Avenue in East Cobb more than a decade ago.

For June we brought back some of the most well-known and iconic builds that we have created. Starting with our f82 BMW M4 RaceCar that we built to compete in the Global Time Attack series.

Modifications of the Build

Secondly we brought our widebody 993 Porsche Porsche 911 that we built into what we believe is the perfect 993 with no detail left untouched.

Modifications of the build

Caffeine & Octane continues to prove just how vibrant the automotive community is here in Atlanta,GA. With every monthly event getting better than the last we cannot wait for next month!

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