Causes Of Audi Engine Misfires

Causes Of Audi Engine Misfires

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Causes Of Audi Engine Misfires

What is engine misfire and how is it repaired?

What is an Engine Misfire?

An engine misfire is hesitation or reduction in power in your Audi’s engine caused by a faulty or failing combustion process. Every combustion engine requires air, fuel, and a spark to drive the pistons and transfer power from the engine to the while so you can move your vehicle. Any imbalance in air, fuel, and spark ratio can cause a misfire.

How do I know my engine is misfiring?

You won’t be able to miss the signs of engine misfire. Your car will stutter and stumble, often during acceleration, as the combustion chamber that is misfiring goes through the cycle of the engine’s path through the pistons.

What are the root causes of engine misfires?

There are many root causes of engine misfires. You may have faulty or dirty spark plugs. This would mean the spark necessary to ignite the fuel and air in the combustion chamber wouldn’t be strong enough, and you’d get a misfire. Another issue may be old ignition wires or spark plugs. Again, these can lead to insufficient spark to ignite the fuel and air in the combustion chamber.

Dirty fuel injectors and clogged fuel filters can also cause engine misfires. These issues can mean an imbalance in the amount of air and fuel fed into the combustion chamber.

Regardless of the root cause of the engine misfires you are experiencing with your Audi, it’s time to take your Audi in for repair when you notice the misfires. Not only will you regain some fuel economy when you have the issue repaired, but you’ll also avoid more costly and time-consuming repairs for your Audi.

If you live in the Snellville, GA (Snellville West), area and notice your Audi’s engine is misfiring, a call to Eurofed Automotive will put you in touch with the mechanic you need to repair your Audi. Why not call us today to make an appointment to have your Audi checked out by their qualified technicians?

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