Do You Need To Go To The Dealership?

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Do You Need To Go To The Dealership?

Do you have to take your Mercedes to a dealership for service?

Often, when you buy a new car, the dealership you buy it from will offer you coupons and deals so that when your vehicle needs maintenance or repair, you’ll be more inclined to take the car back to the dealership for those services. This is a great marketing strategy for the dealership and its service center. Still, it might make you think you must take your Mercedes back to the dealership for regular maintenance or repairs when that isn’t the case.

Aren’t Dealerships More Likely to Have Trained Technicians?

While your local Mercedes dealer may have more certified technicians who work on Mercedes, they won’t be the only mechanics available to you for service and maintenance on your Mercedes. Private service centers and a local mechanic can be, and often are, as qualified as any mechanic employed by the dealership.

What about Mercedes Parts?

Here is another fallacy the dealership wants you to believe. A dealership is no more likely to carry Mercedes OEM parts than any service center where you can have work done on your Mercedes. And those same service centers will have access to the same parts as the dealership through their distributors.

What about my maintenance schedule?

Your dealership may have told you that your Mercedes has a very special maintenance schedule that only they know. This isn’t true. The maintenance schedule for your Mercedes can be found online and in your owner’s manual. A certified Mercedes mechanic at a local shop will know as much about the recommended maintenance schedule and tasks as a dealership mechanic.

While you can take your Mercedes to your local dealership for maintenance and service, you don’t have to use the dealership’s service center only. Eurofed Automotive is there for you and your Mercedes in the Charlotte, NC, area. Just call us to make an appointment to discuss your maintenance and repair needs. The technicians will be happy to talk with you about your Mercedes.

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