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What are the most common repair issues for Volkswagen vehicles?

There are a few common Volkswagen repair issues that crop up with regularity in nearly all models of Volkswagen.


While the check engine light can indicate a serious issue with your vehicle, the check engine light on the dashboard of a Volkswagen might be the result of a faulty sensor. This is something Volkswagen has acknowledged as a problem with their vehicles. The best advice? If the check engine light comes on, take your Volkswagen to an authorized service center to have the problem that triggered the dashboard light diagnosed.


The timing chain is an important piece of your transmission. While Volkswagen claims its timing chains should last up to 120,000 miles, there have been cases where these chains have been defective and have failed much sooner. Unfortunately, a failed timing chain can also mean the end of your engine’s life. Because this is a known problem, be sure you and your mechanic are inspecting the chain regularly, and consider having it changed out as it approaches the end of its life so you can avoid a catastrophic failure.


In the past, Volkswagens have been known to leak oil regularly. Volkswagen has fixed these issues over the years, but as with any other vehicle, changing the oil on a regular schedule will extend the life of your engine. Such a schedule can also help your mechanic find and repair any small oil leaks that may develop in your engine.


Much like the check engine light malfunction mentioned earlier, the airbag malfunction light may come on around 100,000 miles for reasons not connected to the airbag or a malfunction outside of the sensor that light is connected to. If your airbag malfunction light comes on, it’s time to take your Volkswagen to an authorized service center for diagnosis and repair.

Volkswagens can be some of the most reliable vehicles on the road if you know how to take care of them. The technicians at Eurofed Automotive in Kennesaw, GA, will be happy to talk with you about your Volkswagen and a maintenance schedule to help you keep your car in tip-top shape. Why not give us a call today to make an appointment?

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