What are the most important maintenance services for your Mercedes?

All vehicles require maintenance, and you might think a higher-end vehicle like a Mercedes wouldn’t need as much maintenance as a less expensive vehicle. However, higher-end vehicles will benefit as much, if not more, from preventative maintenance as less expensive vehicles.


Your owner’s manual is the first place you should look for information on the manufacturer’s recommended preventative maintenance schedule. This schedule can be especially important for a new vehicle. First, it will help you start as you intend to continue and get you into the habit of regular maintenance for your Mercedes. Second, a new vehicle’s owner manual will show you the areas of your vehicle that require an easing into long-term use, like running in the engine and keeping speed and distance down as you do.


Taking your vehicle to an authorized service center regularly will help you take advantage of the full warranty on your vehicle. Your mechanic can catch larger problems sooner and while still under warranty when you have a regular preventative maintenance schedule for your Mercedes.


While you should maintain a maintenance schedule for your Mercedes, there are a few things you can keep an eye on for yourself. Make time each week to inspect your Mercedes. Check for tire wear, confirm fluid levels, including oil, are right, and take your Mercedes to the car wash to keep the paint looking great. If you notice your vehicle is pulling or running rough, it’s time to take your Mercedes to your mechanic for maintenance and repair.

Maintaining your Mercedes will extend the vehicle’s life and parts. As one of the biggest purchases we make that we rely on every day, your vehicle deserves only the best when it comes to maintenance. If you live in the Johns Creek, GA, area, give the qualified Mercedes technicians at Eurofed Automotive a call to make an appointment to talk about your Mercedes and the maintenance schedule you should be following for it. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and set you up on a schedule that works for you and your Mercedes.

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