Stay Cool This Summer With An

A/C System Service And Inspection

Why is my car’s A/C not blowing cold?

Summer is here and that means many scorching hot days are ahead of us which makes your vehicle’s cold A/C your best friend. However for many, their A/C is not blowing as cold as they remember or simply not functioning at all. This means that their vehicle is overdue for an A/C system service and inspection.

Why would I need to have an A/C service performed?

Over your vehicle’s lifespan the components of your A/C such as the compressor, drier and receiver will lose functionality and the pressured system will begin to develop leaks. At that point the system will lose freon, your A/C systems refrigerant, which will decrease its ability to provide cooler air for your car’s cabin.

Furthermore overtime the freon in your vehicle will expire and not provide the proper amount of cooling as before. The typical effective lifespan of freon is between 2-3 years. However this does vary based on how frequently the vehicle’s A/C is utilized.

In the southeast where summers can be brutal with temperatures averaging 90 degrees and up expect to have your A/C serviced every year and a half to keep yourself cool over the summer.

What are some signs that my A/C system is not working?

There are three main signs that can indicate your A/C is due for a service by an ASE certified technician.

The first sign that many notice is your car not blowing cold when you turn the AC on. That indicates that there is a fault in your A/C system and further inspection by our certified dealer technicians is needed.

Secondly if your A/c is working properly, when you turn on the A/C you will hear a *click* noise. That noise indicates that the A/C compressor clutch has engaged. However when there is not enough freon or a faulty part in the system the clutch will not engage and not allow the A/C system to operate properly.

Lastly, As stated before, your A/C system will develop leaks over time. In most cases a small pool of freon can be visibly seen at the bottom of your vehicle if there is a sufficient leak.

What is involved in an A/C service and inspection?

When your vehicle is brought into a Eurofed Automotive repair facility for an A/C service, it first begins with our dealer-trained technicians performing an A/C evac and recharge.

This entails connecting your vehicle to our AC service machine which evacuates your vehicles Freon, measures how much was left in the system and recharges it with new Freon. From this point our mechanics are able to verify if the A/C system does have a leak and will require further diagnosis  to provide an A/C repair.

Where can I have a technician perform an A/C service near me?

You can have an A/C service performed by a dealer-certified technician at any of our 13 Eurofed locations that is backed by a 2 year/ 24,000 mile warranty.

Make sure your vehicle is ready for the hot summer days with an A/C service and inspection by Eurofed automotive.

Contact your local Eurofed location to experience the Eurofed difference!

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