Pre-Purchase inspection Service Provided by Eurofed

Purchasing a new vehicle can be a very stressful and expensive experience for many. This is especially true when the vehicle you have just purchased is no where near the condition you were promised it was in when you left the dealer.

This is a very common issue that can be easily avoided with a service, through Eurofed’s independent repair facilities, known as a Pre-Purchase Inspection.

A Pre-purchase inspection, more commonly called a PPI, is an in-depth evaluation of the overall condition of a vehicle performed by a certified mechanic, prior to making the full commitment to purchasing the vehicle.

The PPI begins with the vehicle being brought to one of Eurofed’s 13 locations. During the pre-purchase inspection our factory certified technicians go over the vehicle with an in-depth checklist of key points to evaluate the car’s condition.

This checklist includes any visible leaks, such as an oil leak from a rear main seal and other points of commonly known failure. The overall health of the brakes and suspension is assessed, keeping an eye out for old and worn control arm bushings, shocks and mounts that could compromise the safety of the vehicle. A full electrical diagnostic test is performed to ensure that all electrical features of the vehicle are operating as they were intended to.

For certain vehicles, Such as BMW’s, our staff will also perform a Blackstone oil analysis to see the amount of metal shavings in the oil to gauge the overall health of the engine and its internal components.

Lastly, our certified technician checks if the vehicle is up to date on all of its factory scheduled maintenance.


Once the Pre-purchase inspection is completed, our service advisors relay our technician’s assessment of the vehicle to the prospective new buyer. The decision to purchase is then left to our clients discretion, with the new peace of mind provided by Eurofed.

It is critical to make sure a pre-purchase inspection is performed before your next vehicle purchase to avoid any potential future mechanical issues and have the peace of mind that you know exactly what you are buying. Most major issues with a vehicle can’t be detected as easily from an initial test-drive or quick look under the hood at the dealer.

The pre-purchase inspection service provided by Eurofed Automotive ensures that you are able to have an honest third-party opinion on the overall condition of your next vehicle. That way you can avoid any potential future headaches and know exactly what type of car you are purchasing. All repairs are noted and can be serviceable through Eurofed.

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