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Tips to help keep your BMW in top shape

No matter what make and model vehicle you drive, maintenance of that vehicle will extend the life of your car. A regular maintenance schedule allows your mechanic to keep an eye on the components of your vehicle and help keep it on the road and running great.


Your BMW needs maintenance for many parts, but the most important things to keep up the maintenance on are your engine, your brakes, and your tires.

As the heart and soul of your vehicle, keeping the engine in your BMW in top shape will affect other systems in your car. Not maintaining your engine can lead to catastrophic failures that can put you and other drivers in danger over time.

The Brakes on your BMW keep you and other drivers safe as you travel from here to there. A brake failure can mean a crash when you cannot stop in time to avoid one. Some mechanics will recommend flushing your brake system every few years as part of your BMW maintenance schedule. This is to clear the contaminants that gather in the brake fluid and can cause other problems in your vehicle.

As the only part of your BMW that contacts the road, your tires are a key part of how your vehicle drives and handles weather conditions. You must keep to a rotation and balance schedule to ensure you get the most life and best performance from your tires.


To help you keep your engine in top shape, your mechanic will recommend having your oil changed on a regular basis. Oil changes can be an easy and relatively inexpensive maintenance task you can have done that will do the most good for the lifespan of your engine and vehicle.


One thing you have complete control over that can affect the longevity of your BMW is how you drive your vehicle. Sure, it’s fun to speed once in a while, to see “what she can do” when you first get your BMW, but the best way to extend the life of your BMW is to drive with caution and care. Fast starts and stops can do all types of damage to your engine, tires, and brakes. Better to be measured in how you drive.

In Johns Creek, GA, your best bet for maintaining your BMW is to contact Eurofed Automotive and talk with us about a maintenance schedule for your BMW. Call us today to make an appointment to speak with their qualified technicians.

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