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What Type of Coolant Does My European Vehicle Need?

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What Type of Coolant Does My European Vehicle Need?

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As with many other fluids for modern vehicle engines, coolants have changed over the years to serve you and your engine better. It’s important to the health of your engine that you choose the correct type of coolant for your European car.

Types of Coolant

There are several types of coolant available for your vehicle. Inorganic Additive Technology (IAT) coolants contain corrosion inhibitors and are meant to protect all types of metal in your engine. This type of coolant is typically green and used in older model vehicles.

Organic Acid Technology (OAT) coolant is what is commonly found in European vehicles. Like IAT coolants, OAT coolants contain corrosion inhibitors, but instead of the silicates used in IAT coolants, OAT coolants use different inhibitors.

Hybrid Organic Technology (HOAT) coolants are mixtures of IAT and OAT coolants. These coolants are especially good for aluminum radiators.

OAT and HOAT coolants have similar life spans. In contrast, the IAT coolant lifespan is significantly shorter than the other two types.

If you are topping off or filling your coolant system yourself, it’s important to read the instructions on the jug of coolant. Some coolants require dilution with tap water.

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The best way to know which type of coolant is right for your vehicle is to check the user’s manual and follow the suggestions of the manufacturer. You might also want to consult your mechanic if they specialize in European auto repair, as they may have suggestions for your vehicle based on your driving habits and the climate in which you live.

No matter what type of coolant your vehicle needs, it’s important that checking the coolant levels and having the system flushed is part of your preventative maintenance schedule with your mechanic. The specialists at Eurofed Automotive in Snellville, GA (Snellville East) are skilled at repairing and maintaining your European vehicle. Why not call today and make an appointment to talk with us about the repair and maintenance of your vehicle?

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