The performance capabilities of cars today almost seem unreal. For most performance platforms just by merely installing a set of downpipes and a tune you are able to see gains of 100HP to even 200HP over stock without the need of additional supporting mods.

Just a decade and a half ago performance gains such as that would require a full engine build with reinforced internals to handle the extra power. However even at that point the reliability of those builds wasn’t exactly guaranteed and you would surely be a glutton for punishment if you attempted to daily drive a car built to that level of performance.

But then you fast forward to today where almost every single performance engine and drivetrain is overbuilt from factory which in turns leaves a lot left on the table for the aftermarket!

Which brings us to the Mk3 Audi TTRS, the fastest and last iteration of the TT that Audi plans to sell. Being powered by a 400HP 2.5L 5-cylinder turbocharged engine, internally called the 07K EVO, and put to the ground via a dual-clutch transmission it definitely is no slouch. However that is nearly just the tip of the iceberg for this platforms potentials.

You see Audi’s original claim to fame was there 5-cylinder turbocharged monsters, The Audi sport quattro, that obliterated the rest of the competition on various rally stages during the legendary group B era of the WRC. A theme of domination that later translated to the Trans-AM Series in America as well.

So when Audi had planned to bring back their fabled 5-Cylinder engines, they made it a point to make sure that new 2.5T EVO was worthy of carrying the torch and boy did they deliver! Because the performance capabilities of this platform are simply incredible.

Not only are the internals more than strong enough to handle a 50% increase in power with no need to be beefed up, but the fuel system is the real party trick of it all. For most engines they are equipped with one fuel injector per cylinder, while that is sufficient it does create a barrier for tuners to make power because the injectors with become maxed out and the engine will run out sufficient fuel delivery.

The beauty of the 07k EVO is that they come from factory with 2 injectors per cylinder which allows for a much higher ceiling for tuners to work with that in turn means much more potent tunes!

Which leads to our buddy Josh’s stunning TTRS that we recently completed at our Atlanta Store.
Thanks to the addition of the Unitronic Stage 2 kit, a set of Vargas Catch cans and some custom titanium intercooler piping created in-house by our fabrication team, this striking Audi TTRS is putting down a reliable and consistent 550HP on 93 octane and 620HP when filled with E85 fuel 🤯⁠⁠.

What’s more insane is that Josh could drive this monster everyday just like any other standard car with no compromises! Its only when you put the foot to the floor when you realize that this little TT could embarrass almost every single vehicle within a 5 mile radius.
This is by far one of the best dollar-per-performance values we have seen in modern cars and we highly recommend having it done if you have a 2.5T #07K EVO powered Audi! ⁠⁠Audi has truly given the enthusiast an opportunity to have their cake and eat it too!

– Will Bofill,

Marketing Director at Eurofed Automotive
◼Custom Titanium Intercooler Piping ⁠⁠
 Unitronic Stage 2 ECU & TCU Tune ⁠⁠
◼ Unitronic Downpipe and Mid-pipe ⁠⁠
◼ Unitronic Carbon fiber intake with high-flow turbo inlet ⁠
 Unitronic MPI Kit
◼ Unitronic Intercooler
◼ Vargasturbo Engine Oil Catch Can⁠⁠
◼ Vargasturbo DSG Catch Can

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