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We’re the best European import service facility in the Atlanta area. It’s our passion and our pleasure to ensure quality driving experiences for as long as you need your vehicle. You’ve made a wise investment in the automotive industry’s premier cars, truck, or SUV. The only thing left to do after your purchase is to find a dedicated team of technicians. EUROFED Automotive in Atlanta, GA handles all of your European import’s service needs. Owners of such high-end makes as Audi, BMW, Porsche, Mercedes, Lamborghini, Volkswagen, and more have learned that they can trust EUROFED. Many import drivers are particular about the techs that are servicing their vehicle. Unfortunately, they bring their import to the dealers for expensive and impersonal auto repairs and maintenance when there’s a better option--EUROFED Automotive. This is our life’s passion and we’d be honored to put, and keep, your import in optimal condition with top quality auto repair services. In fact, we’ll show you how to avoid costly repairs altogether. It’s all possible with a preventative maintenance service plan that keeps you two steps ahead of any performance issue.


Quality Auto Repair in Atlanta

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Minor & Major Auto Repairs

Our reputation for exceptional auto service and customer service precedes us. Drivers throughout the greater Atlanta area will tell you that EUROFED Automotive treats you like family. We’re not just really good at what we do, we also care about our customers. You’re just like us! We love European imports too, and we know how to provide the repairs, maintenance, and diagnostic services that enhance your vehicle’s overall performance. We go above and beyond to meet and exceed all of your expectations. Get a bigger return on your investment in safe, comfortable, and luxurious road travel. At the first sign of any performance issues–knocking engine, noisy brakes, rough gear shifting, etc.–bring your vehicle to EUROFED Automotive. The sooner we can take a look under the hood, the sooner we’ll have you back on the road. We stand confidently behind all of our European auto repairs with a competitive service guarantee–2 Years / 24,000 Miles Warranty. Drive your import from our shop in the best condition possible.

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Your European auto’s next trip around town will probably be fine. But what about your 457th trip? You never see that system malfunctions coming, but we do!. We specialize in all the repairs and services that your vehicle needs. All of our customers know better than to worry about their road trips. Because they’re on one of our specially-designed maintenance service plans, they avoid all those inconvenient system malfunctions. EUROFED Automotive is the best option throughout the greater Atlanta area for exceptional European auto repair services. Give us a call today at our Atlanta location at 470-349-8135 to schedule an auto repair appointment. You can save time by scheduling right now using our convenient online scheduling system. Next time you’re in the area feel free to stop by with any questions or concerns.