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If you drive a Volkswagen car or SUV, you are familiar with German automotive excellence. An important aspect of upholding that excellence is routine maintenance. Maintenance is the practice of regularly coming in for certain services designed to keep your car operating correctly, efficiently, and most importantly, safely. These services include oil and oil filter changes, fluid checks and corrections (coolant, brake, windshield wash), filter changes (cabin and engine air), tune-ups, and wheel alignment. We also offer general vehicle inspections and part-specific inspections, for example, the cooling system, brake system, and battery, to ensure all components and systems are in fine working condition. Expert ASE-Certified Volkswagen repair technicians, excellent service specials, and a state-of-the-art auto shop are on hand to care for your Volkswagen at Eurofed in Charlotte, North Carolina. Make an appointment today by calling (980) 938-0699 and count on our experienced technicians to keep your vehicle running great mile after mile, year after year.

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