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BMW Maintenance in Charlotte, NC

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BMW Maintenance Program And Ultimate Care

Our customers are passionate about their vehicles, and one reason for this is that BMW cars and SUVs are engineered to last. However, even the most expertly designed vehicles require routine car care. When you buy a BMW, it comes with a standard maintenance program. For 2015-2016 model year vehicles, it’s the BMW Maintenance Program, which remains in effect for the first four years/50,000 miles. It includes all factory-recommended services laid out in your owner’s manual. For 2017 and newer model-year BMW models, it’s BMW Ultimate Care. Its eligibility runs for the first three years/36,000 miles. It covers many maintenance items: engine oil and oil filter changes, brake fluid exchanges, cabin, engine air, and diesel fuel filter changes, spark plug replacement, and remote control/key battery replacement. Serving Charlotte, North Carolina, Eurofed is your number one choice for professional BMW maintenance and repair service! Schedule an appointment with us today for your next maintenance visit.

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