The Most Common Maserati Problems

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The Most Common Maserati Problems


Maseratis have been known for decades for their ability to provide Italian design and luxury to the masses. However, every high end vehicle does have its pluses, and minuses. Whether you are driving a brand new, or new to you Maserati model, be aware of common failure points and preventive maintenance to extend the longevity of your Italian luxury vehicle. 

Maserati Brake Problems / Brake Noises

We understand not everyone enjoys the sounds of squealing brakes in the morning, or less responsive pedal feel. Certain Maserati models such as the Ghibli experience avoidable brake issues that can be resolved in most cases by an earlier service on the brake fluid, and replacing the Maserati brake pads and rotors at the correct wear. 

Maserati Clutch and Transmission Problems

Unfortunately a vehicle's clutch is a wear and tear item on a vehicle, but you can extend the life of your Maserati’s clutch by taking a few steps. Start with conducting the Maserati transmission fluid service before the service mileage interval. This will ensure fluids are at the correct levels and can be inspected for debris. We recommend performing Maserati Transmission Services early on Maserati Ghibli, Maserati Quattroporte and similar models. 

Maserati Coolant Leaks

Like any other vehicle on the market, with age and wear can lead to brittle coolant hoses on the vehicle. My Maserati is leaking coolant, what do I do? Start with shutting off your vehicle if it is an excessive amount with warning signs on your vehicle's dash and have it towed to your nearest European Automotive Experts at Eurofed Automotive. Avoid having catastrophic failure on your engine and coolant systems with coolant services performed yearly, or at the correct mileage interval on your Maserati. 

Maserati Repair / Service Near Me 

Still have questions about your Maserati’s service and repairs? Call any one of our Eurofed Automotive locations and speak to an advisor today! Many of the problems listed can be avoided with our expert opinions and our complimentary multi-point inspection included with any service. 

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