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BMWs offer the perfect balance of luxury and performance. But BMW owners also know repair and service are necessary to maintain the optimal performance of their vehicle. One of the more common BMW repairs we encounter at Eurofed Automotive is oil leaks which can be catastrophic if ignored. Oil is a critical component to providing lubrication and cooling of your engine’s various components. Oil leaks can lead to repairs such as replacing the valve cover or valve cover gasket and, in a worst-case scenario, complete engine failure. Like oil leaks, coolant leaks can lead to expensive repairs. But when a regular BMW maintenance schedule is followed, our certified technicians can spot a problem before it lands you stranded on the side of the road. Drivetrain malfunctions are another problem we’ve seen far too often. Because a BMW is equipped with high-performance parts, it’s more prone to drivetrain malfunctions like broken belts or chains, failed transmissions, or malfunctioning CV joints. If you begin to experience a drivetrain problem, pull into a safe location, and shut off your car. Immediately call the BMW repair specialists in Alpharetta at Eurofed Automotive, at (404) 751-2514. No matter the problem, our number one job is restoring the performance of your luxury vehicle and returning you to the road where you belong.

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