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Minor And Standard Maintenance Services

Audi vehicles are known for their performance, but they need to be maintained regularly as with any car. In particular, they follow an alternating service schedule known as minor and standard maintenance. Minor maintenance occurs after one year or 10,000 miles (whichever comes first), while standard maintenance occurs at the second year or 20,000 miles (again, whichever comes first). These alternate at 10,000-mile/1-year intervals, keeping your Audi at its best. During your minor maintenance visit, technicians will check your brake system, change your engine oil and replace the engine filter, conduct a multipoint inspection, reset the service reminder display, and check your tire repair kit (if equipped). Your routine maintenance visit includes these same services, but it goes further in-depth, such as changing the brake fluid, checking the internal/external lights, performing a road test, and many other items. Experts will need to perform other services at various other intervals (depending on your vehicle’s mode), such as replacing the cabin microfilter, the engine air filter, spark plugs, the valve cover, your key fob battery, and in diesel engines, the fuel filter. If you’re tired of visiting your local dealership, Eurofed Automotive adheres to Audi’s maintenance schedule, which means your vehicle gets the same quality service at an affordable price. Visit our Atlanta, Georgia location or any other of our 14 garages and get your factory-scheduled services today.

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