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BMW Inspections I And II

Car parts wear down with time and use, eventually causing damages that need to be repaired. When driving a luxury vehicle like a BMW, you need to stay current with its maintenance schedule to keep it running at its best. Traditionally, BMW has kept their cars on an alternating schedule that consists of two parts: Inspections I and II. Inspection 1 typically occurs every 30,000, 90,000, and 150,000 miles depending on the year and model. Our technicians will inspect your vehicle’s three main components during this service visit: the undercarriage, engine, and body/electrical system. They’ll also change your engine oil, replace your oil filters, top off fluids, check for leaks, replace brake fluid, and other essential maintenance items. Inspection 2 typically occurs every 60,000 and 120,000 miles, and it includes all of the same services found in Inspection 1, plus a few others. This is where our team will check for rust, replace spark plugs and air filters, replace the battery (if needed), and more. BMW makes it easy to keep up with maintenance through the BMW Maintenance System that displays on your vehicle’s dashboard. This information is stored on your remote control key, so when you’re due for service, bring the key you last used to the trained professionals at Eurofed Automotive in Atlanta, Georgia. Our BMW maintenance specialists will make sure your vehicle remains in peak condition, so visit us today in Atlanta or at any other of our 14 garages.

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