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Routine maintenance can be easy to forget, especially when you drive a Porsche built to run problem-free. However, that doesn’t mean you can afford to ignore the essentials. These small but simple items — oil changes that protect and cool your engine and timely filter replacements that ensure fuel, oil, and air quality — are doing more heavy lifting than you may think. Certain parts wear out with constant use. A single component failing or even working poorly can cause a cascade of other failures; something as simple as skipping oil changes cuts down on gas mileage, causes friction and can cause your engine to overheat or seize. At Eurofed Automotive in Buckhead, our Porsche repair specialists also offer additional services including fluid checks (coolant, brake, windshield wash), diagnostic inspections, wheel alignments, and battery checks. Periodic cleanings, water level checks, and even a supplemental charge of your battery when it’s needed can all help to prolong battery life. Your owner’s manual lays out the specific intervals when your Porsche requires its factory-scheduled maintenance. Diligent Porsche repair and maintenance at Eurofed in Buckhead, can ensure your car lives a long and healthy life, serving you well for years and miles to come.

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