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A bit of wear and tear is an inevitable part of any vehicle ownership. That said, there’s a significant difference between worn parts and a car that wears out before its time. So take care of your BMW, and it’ll return the favor, giving you many years’ worth of service — more miles, more safety, and more adventures. At Eurofed in Buckhead, Georgia, our BMW mechanics handle any service, including BMW Inspection I and Inspection II. The BMW Inspection I is essentially a precursor to Inspection II, and it takes place at the 30,000-mile mark for 1999 and newer model years. Under the hood, undercarriage, and body/electrical areas get checked. Respectively, this includes items like a check of the cooling system and heater hoses, the exhaust system for leaks, positioning/mounting, and overall condition, and the battery for corrosion, charge, and overall condition. The BMW Inspection II is recommended at the 60,000-mile mark for 1999 and newer model years. This inspection performs the same checks as the first. Still, it adds a few key elements: an inspection of the parking brake lining, spark plug replacement (if needed), air filter replacement, examination of flexible boots for leaks, and a check for rust.

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