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Every drive has a different purpose. Maybe you’re picking up the kids from school, facing down your workday, or headed out on an extended vacation. Each drive feels different to you, but not to your car — it just bears up to the wear and tear, day in and day out. Just like you need a break every so often, your VW vehicle needs TLC too. Stop by Eurofed Automotive in Buckhead and let our Volkswagen repair specialists take care of your ride! Oil changes are just one facet of proper vehicle care. Because maintenance covers many items — and because life gets hectic — it’s easy to forget or procrastinate. Neglecting your vehicle never ends well. Motor oil, coolant, and transmission fluid prevent premature engine wear. However, fluids wear out too, so we’ll check the condition and levels of your fluids, ensuring they do their job protecting your engine. We’ll also ensure that other essentials (like brake fluid, steering fluid, and wiper fluid) are taken care of. Additional services we offer are replacing the oil, cabin air, engine air filter, and wheel alignment. A severely misaligned wheel can prevent you from going anywhere. In contrast, more common wheel skewing or displacement can reduce fuel economy and impact how your car handles overall, particularly in harsh road conditions.

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