Preparing Your Car For Winter

Winter is coming, and make sure your European vehicle is ready for the colder months. Cold weather after prolonged use of your vehicle over the hot weather months can leave you in a bad situation. Where can I get my car service for winter? Luckily, Eurofed Automotive has your Winter Checklist and the ability to […]

Automotive Battery Care & Replacement

What Is Your Car’s Battery Responsible For? A vehicle’s battery is responsible for providing power to your vehicle’s electrical systems including the starter and ignition system. As vehicles have become more technologically sophisticated and complex, a vehicle’s battery is critical to the operation of your vehicle.  Understanding your vehicle’s battery and when to have your […]

Air Suspension Repair

Automotive luxury is a continuous pursuit of refined comfort on the road. This motive has revolutionized automotive suspension design to eliminate as many of the vibrations from contacting road imperfections then translating into cabins. One leap in automotive suspension engineering was the development of air ride suspension. Simulating the vehicle’s ride as if it were […]

Top Range Rover Shops Near Me

The Range Rover line from Land Rover has always stood as the standard for the perfect mix of British luxury and overlanding prowess. However they have also made a claim to Infamy for higher than average maintenance costs. Choosing the correct automotive repair shop that won’t waste your time and money is important when your […]

European Auto Repair Near Me

When it comes to owning a European vehicle, the refined driving experience that they offer is unparalleled. However, for all of that innovation comes at a cost. European vehicles are commonly the most costly to maintain and repair. Finding the right European automotive service specialty shop that you can trust will make sure it is […]

Coolant Leak Diagnosis & Repair

What Is Your Vehicle’s Cooling System? For most vehicle’s their engine generates power with the help of thousands of controlled explosions within the cylinders to push the pistons down, turn the crankshaft and send power through the transmission to the tires. This method of internal combustion develops a lot of heat within the engine. Too […]

Carbon Cleaning Service

What is Carbon Build Up? Majority of European manufacturers switched from standard fuel injection to direct fuel injection. Fuel is now injected directly into the cylinder head rather than the intake. This was a great leap in overall efficiency. Being able to control the exact amount of fuel in each cylinder means that the fine […]