Preparing Your Car For Winter

Winter is coming, and make sure your European vehicle is ready for the colder months.

Cold weather after prolonged use of your vehicle over the hot weather months can leave you in a bad situation. Where can I get my car service for winter? Luckily, Eurofed Automotive has your Winter Checklist and the ability to complete all of the services at any of our 13 locations.

Winter Checklist

  • Coolant Flush Service
  • Brake Flush Service
  • Battery Diagnostic or Replacement
  • Brake Pads and Rotor Service
  • Replace Wiper Blades
  • Inspect or Replace Tires
  • Check Tire Pressures
  • Oil Change or Check Levels
  • Timing Belt Replacement
  • Diagnose Collant Hoses or Leak

Any of these services can be completed at all of the Eurofed Automotive Locations. Schedule an appointment today!

IS38 MK7 GTI : Eurofed IN/Depth

Welcome to Eurofed In/Depth, on this series we go into detail on some of our favorite builds that we have been a part of. In this addition we are featuring our long time customer Derik and his Mk7 GTI that was purpose-built for Georgia’s fast and twisty mountain roads.

While the MK7 GTI platform is very versatile in that there are many avenues modification wise to take it, Derik’s car lies in that perfect sweet spot. Having the perfect balance of blistering performance and everyday drivability. And that is where we find the pure ethos of Deriks build, balance.

Given that this is his daily driver, performance was only one the requirements. The car had to be comfortable and easy to drive while not completely sacrificing engaging performance when the roads got twisty. With that challenge in mind Derik and ourselves believe these modifications allowed us to find that perfect balance. and plus, it is in a package that can be replicated for anyone whom has that same goal in mind for their Mk7 GTI.


Derik’s goal with the exterior was to keep it as OEM+ as possible and build off the clean and classic design of the MK7 to make it full cohesive look without straying from the original. Being the classic tornado red 2-dar combination, Derik wanted to keep it subtle and modern yet pay homage to the original Mk1’s he grew up with.

The first change noticed is the Mk7.5 headlights and taillights from the facelift Mk7.5 generation GTI. Combined with the pre-facelift bumpers the headlights they offer a updated modern look while also improving visibility when need be. 

Other exterior touches include a Maxton design rear spoiler extension and racing line decals. This GTI is loaded with a host of Racing Line products as you will see. Having its roots in OEM performance, Derik trusted Racing line for a variety of performance products.

To increase total carrying capacity and make room for Derik’s camping gear for when he travels the plethora of mountain roads we have in the southeast, a Thule Roof Box was added. From Derik’s experience he says it doesn’t change how the car feels or drives when going through a twisty back road. However it does make a difference on overall fuel economy.  

Wheels/ Suspension/ Brakes

With performance and daily drivability in mind, finding the right suspension set up is pivotal! The suspension has to be more than just be able to improve handling dynamics and drive faster on a race track. Derik’s GTI was built with today’s imperfect roads in mind, because this is his daily driver as well. The suspension needed to have a proper amount of suspension travel to soak up bumps on his daily commute and then be an animal on a back road. This led us to utilizing the H&R street performance coil overs along with H&R front & rear sway bars. For us they offer that perfect balance of comfort and performance.

“It rides just like it should from factory ” is how Derik described his experience with the suspension package.

For stopping power Derik went with the Stage 2 Racing Line upgraded brakes (330mm front). How effective your build is at stopping is just as, if not more, important as how fast it accelerates. And given the power this IS38 swapped GTI produces, it is important to be able to keep it all under control. 

Click here to learn more about your vehicle’s brakes

Lastly, the wheels of choice were a beautiful set of bronze 19×8.5 O.Z Superleggera HLT wrapped in Firestone Indy 500’s. This gives the GTI a very classic color combo with the tornado red and gold. Furthermore,  Derik swears by the shocking amount of performance you are able to get for the money with the Indy 500’s.



For the interior, Derik kept it relatively simple given the functionality and spec of the GTI. The most notable additions are a Black Forest Industries weighted shift knob and a Racing line rear chassis brace. 

The Racing line rear chassis brace not only adds a cool look to the rear trunk but immensely strengthens the chassis and eliminates a substantial amount of chassis flex when cornering. With the addition of the chassis brace, this hot hatch is much more direct and predictable when dancing through a twisty back road.

Engine Performance Modifications

The crown jewel of the build is the engine and its performance modifications that make the upgrades stated above that much more necessary. However this is not a one-off kit but a variety of off the shelf bolt-on modifications that vastly increase the 2.0t ea888’s power output but still keep it at the OEM levels of ease-of-use. 

The major change was the addition of an IS38 turbocharger, also known as the factoor Golf R turbocharger. This is a great option for anyone wanting to upgrade their MK7 GTI’s turbo but not go beyond the utilization of OEM parts. And given that it is designed to fit onto any 2.0T ea888 there are no modifications needed to install it. 

To manage the increased boost and airflow from the upgraded IS38 turbocharger, the Racing line R600 intake, Turbo inlet, Turbo muffler delete and an APR upgraded stock-placement intercooler were added on the induction side. To increase the flow of the exhaust side and add more of an engine note, a CTS Turbo downpipe and Milltek exhaust was added. 

To manage all of the increased performance and boost, Derik went with the Unitronic Stage 2+ IS38 ECU tune software. With the tune, this setup is able to produce an average power output of 381HP & 377LB-FT to the wheels, as advertised by Unitronic. 

Transmission Performance Upgrades

In order for the manual transmission to handle the increased power from the IS38 and its supporting mods, a Southbend stage 2 daily clutch was added. The beauty of the daily clutch set up is that it can handle the increase in power without having to be incredibly stiff and make it hard to drive every day. 

Finally to increase the overall shifter feel and driver experience, a racing line short shifter kit was added. The Raceline Quickshift reduces the distance the gear lever needs to move to engage the next gear, so reducing the amount of time for each gearshift, cutting wasted time during those shifts.

Where Can I Have Performance Modifications Installed On My Volkswagen At An Automotive Shop Near Me?

At Eurofed Automotive we offer performance solutions for Volkswagen with a variety of options from the top performance vendors in the industry from our multiple locations across the American Southeast. With the best dealer-certified technicians on staff we make sure every service is performed the right way 1st!

Contact your local Eurofed to learn more about our industry leading performance solutions.

Parts list 

– Mk7.5 headlights & Taillights

Maxton Rear Spoiler

Thule roof box

Milltek Exhaust 

H&R Street Performance Coilovers

H&R Front & Rear sway bar

19″ O.Z Superleggera HLT

Racing line Rear Chassis Brake

Stage 2 Racing line Brakes (330mm) 

BFI weighted shift knob

Racing line R600 Intake

Racing line Turbo inlet 

Racing line Turbo Muffler Delete 

Racing Line Short Shifter kit

Unitronic Stage 2+ ECU Tune

Southbend Stage 2 daily clutch 

– OEM VW IS38 turbocharger  (Golf R turbo)

APR upgraded intercooler

CTS performance downpipe

B8 S4 Avant Build PT: 2 | Eurofed Builds

On this addition of Eurofed Builds we catch up with the progress that has been made on the Audi A4 Avant that is having a supercharged 3.0T engine and dual clutch drivetrain swapped in. Last we checked the 3.0t was removed from the S4 Sedan donor and being prepped for its new home. That prep included replacing all gaskets, sealants, and timing chains to make sure all needed preventative maintenance is done. 

The idea behind this build is to take our client’s 2.0t powered Audi A4 Quattro Avant and swap in the supercharged 3.0L V6 drivetrain from a S4 Sedan. Thus essentially turning this A4 into the B8 S4 Avant that wasn’t sold to us in the United states. Along with the addition of performance upgrades to maximize the performance potential of the 3.0t platform reliably.

What Has Been Done So Far Now?

Thus far the 2.0t has been removed from the A4 Avant and set aside. In its place, the 3.0t engine along with the dual clutch transmission, rear differential and suspension has been physically installed into the A4 Avant chassis. 

No modifications were needed to be done to the A4 Avant chassis in order to fit the S4 drivetrain and suspension. The B8 chassis was designed with the intention of having multiple powerplant options and manufacturing as cost effective as possible to allow for all to fit easily to the same chassis. However that concludes the “easy” part of the swap. Next up begins the tedious process on wiring and programming!

Next Stage of the Build 

The next stage of the build is beginning the process of connecting and adapting the 3.0t engine wire harness & ECU to the Avant chassis in a manner that will allow them to operate harmoniously. On top of that the S4 Avant will be outfitted with Bilstein B16 Coilovers to bring the suspension up to par with the performance we expect the engine to put out. When the wiring is sound and the suspension is sorted, the S4 will be outfitted with a custom Eurofed Tune to maximize the increased boost generated by the S4 CTS turbo supercharger pulleys

Where Can I Have Performance Modifications Installed On My Audi At a Shop Near Me?

At Eurofed Automotive we offer performance solutions for Audi’s with a variety of options from the top performance vendors in the industry and multiple locations across the American Southeast.

Contact your local Eurofed to learn more about our industry leading performance solutions.

Top Range Rover Shops Near Me

The Range Rover line from Land Rover has always stood as the standard for the perfect mix of British luxury and overlanding prowess. However they have also made a claim to Infamy for higher than average maintenance costs. Choosing the correct automotive repair shop that won’t waste your time and money is important when your Range Rover is due for its next factory scheduled maintenance. 

Here we will highlight the common Range Rover services you can expect. How to avoid a problematic Range Rover when you are in the market to buy. And why Eurofed is the perfect choice for handling all of your Range Rover automotive service needs.

Common Range Rover Services 

The value of a pre-purchase inspections

If you are in the market to purchase a Range Rover it is important to understand the common service items you can expect to have done routinely. One way to sufficiently gauge the expected maintenance cost of a future vehicle, Range Rovers especially, is to have a pre-purchase inspection (PPI) performed. During a PPI a certified automotive technician will do an in-depth inspection of the entire vehicle and make an assessment of the vehicle’s overall condition. From this assessment you will receive the perceived future cost of ownership and its necessary maintenance items. 

Click here to learn more about how a Pre-Purchase Inspection can save you $1000s.

Where can I have a shop perform a Range Rover service near me?

You can have your vehicle serviced by a certified automotive technician at any local Eurofed location across the American south east.

Why choose Eurofed for your Range Rover’s Services?

At Eurofed automotive we believe that every customer should be treated like family! We handle every customer with the same level of honesty and respect we’d expect a business to treat a family member of our own. That includes full transparency and a constant line of communication with our clients. 

On top of that we staff the highest quality technicians with years of experience in the automotive service and performance industry. This way we make sure the service is performed properly the first and only time. But in the event that a part installed is faulty, all services are covered by a 2 year/ 24,000 mile warranty!

Contact your local Eurofed location to learn more about our industry leading Automotive repair and maintenance services

European Auto Repair Near Me

When it comes to owning a European vehicle, the refined driving experience that they offer is unparalleled. However, for all of that innovation comes at a cost. European vehicles are commonly the most costly to maintain and repair. Finding the right European automotive service specialty shop that you can trust will make sure it is money well spent and you can enjoy your European vehicle reliably for as many miles as possible.

What Qualities To Look For In a European Automotive Service Center?  

Transparency & Communication

Honesty is the best policy after all! A respectable European service and repair center should have the ability to communicate exactly what your vehicle needs and what is due for its factory scheduled maintenance. Customers deserve transparency not only on the pricing of services but on the actual services that are performed.  

Communication is key when providing quality automotive service for a client. Being able to explain the issue of a vehicle or the services needed in an easy to digest manner will make sure you as the client are confident in what is being done with no second guessing. 

On top of that an automotive service shop with an experienced service advisor should be in constant contact with you during each step of a service from the diagnostic to when the vehicle is ready for pick up. This way you are never left wondering when your vehicle will be done and there are no surprises at the end of the service

 Quality Technicians

The quality of the service performed on your vehicle is only as good as the technician doing the work! An experienced european automotive repair facility should have a staff of certified technicians with years of experience in the field. 

Ideally a European service center should have technicians that are experts in the most common European Automotive manufacturers such as Volkswagen, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Porsche. This translates to a vehicle diagnosis that is more definite than an educated guess and services being performed properly


A top tier automotive repair shop should always guarantee quality automotive service work and back it up with their own warranty. The benefit of a warranty is that you, the client, is not penalized or has to pay for fixing a defective part. An established automotive service shop should always be able to stand by the quality of their work and take care of their customers.

Common Services Performed at a Reputable Automotive Service Shop

Why Choose Eurofed Automotive for Your Automotive Services?

At Eurofed automotive we believe that every customer should be treated like family! We handle every customer with the same level of honesty and respect we’d expect a business to treat a family member of our own. That includes full transparency and a constant line of communication with our clients. 

On top of that we staff the highest quality technicians with years of experience in the automotive service and performance industry. This way we make sure the service is performed properly the first and only time. But in the event that a part installed is faulty, all services are covered by a 2 year/ 24,000 mile warranty!

You can have your vehicle serviced by a certified automotive technician at any local Eurofed location across the American south east.

Contact your local Eurofed location to learn more about our industry leading Automotive repair and maintenance services

Coolant Leak Diagnosis & Repair

What Is Your Vehicle’s Cooling System?

For most vehicle’s their engine generates power with the help of thousands of controlled explosions within the cylinders to push the pistons down, turn the crankshaft and send power through the transmission to the tires. This method of internal combustion develops a lot of heat within the engine. Too much heat can begin to warp and destroy vital components of the engine. 

To combat this heat and have the vehicle operate at its optimal temperature range everyone is designed with a cooling system. Most vehicle cooling systems consist of a series of sealed pathways inside the engine to allow coolant to flow through and provide proficient cooling. 

When your vehicle begins to develop leaks or blockages within the coolant system it drastically increases the possibility of the engine overheating and eventually failing. Making sure your cars cooling system is operating properly is critical to ensuring its reliability for the future. Here we will outline the most common points of failure within the cooling system, what can be done to prevent leaks and where you can have a coolant leak repaired by a certified automotive technician. 

What are the most common coolant leaks or points of failure?


The radiator is responsible for cooling down the hot coolant after it has passed through the engine before it makes its way back to the expansion tank.  It utilizes the air flowing in front of it to cool down the coolant that runs through the radiator. The Radiator is the main contributor to keeping the coolant from getting too hot.

Overtime with continual use a radiator seams can become weak to the point that they are not able to provide proper seal and will develop a radiator leak. This is due to how much a radiator will expand or retract with changes of temperature and the pressure within the cooling system with normal use.


The thermostat is responsible for managing the flow of coolant to the engine. The reason for this is engines have to operate within a certain temperature range. Too cold and the engine will not operate efficiently. Too hot and it will cause damage to the engine. The thermostat is designed to open and close at a specified coolant temp to modulate the flow of coolant. 

As a thermostat ages from use it will eventually fail by no longer opening or staying open. 

Radiator/Coolant Hoses

Radiator/coolant hoses are designed to safely transport coolant throughout the cooling system. Think of it like the veins in your body. However many are manufactured with a form of rubber composite which will begin to dry up over time and develop coolant leaks. 

Expansion tank

The expansion tank is responsible for containing the extra coolant that is not needed to flow into the engine yet and manage the pressure of the system. As coolant heats up and cools down, it will expand and contract thus changing the pressure in the system. The expansion tank is designed to manage that pressure to provide an optimal coolant flow within the cooling system.  

In most vehicles the expansion tank is manufactured out of a specialized plastic composite, some are made of metal. However overtime, with continuous expansion and contractions, small hairline cracks can develop. 

Radiator fan

The radiator fan is responsible for providing additional air flow for the radiator and engine. This is most important when the vehicle is stationary and at idle because there is not sufficient airflow coming through the engine bay. Most radiator fans in European vehicles are powered by an electric motor. With age the motors are known to fail and not provide the proper amount of airflow when stationary. 

Signs Your Vehicle Has a Coolant Leak

  • Coolant puddle forming underneath vehicle
  • Vehicle running hot/overheating
  • Coolant smell noticeable while operating vehicle

If your vehicle is experiencing any of these symptoms its highly recommended to have it inspected by an experienced automotive technician and have a coolant leak diagnosis performed. 

What Maintenance Can Be Done To Prevent a Coolant Leak?

It’s recommended to have a coolant service performed every 30,000 miles by an authorized mechanic. Overtime coolant’s ability to dissipate heat diminishes, during a coolant service the old coolant is drained and replaced with new coolant. 

Not all coolant is the same however! Every manufacturer has designed their own coolant to be used in their vehicles. Utilizing the improper coolant can cause more damage than good. Having a coolant service performed by a dealer-trained technician can ensure the proper coolant is used. Furthermore during a coolant service it allows a technician to perform a visual inspection of the vehicle to look for signs of leaks or points where a leak can develop. 

At Eurofed automotive we offer courtesy multi-point inspections during every service we offer to ensure that the customer is fully aware of the condition of their vehicle and its factory-scheduled maintenance needs.   

Where Can I Have A Coolant Leak Diagnosed At a Shop Near Me?

You can have a coolant leak diagnostic and repair performed by a dealer-trained automotive technician at any local Eurofed location across the American southeast. 

Contact your local Eurofed today to learn more about our affordable auto repair services.

BMW M2 Competition Build : Part 1

On this addition of Eurofed builds we begin one of our most extensive BMW builds to date. The build begins with a BMW M2 Competition, a 2-seater rear wheel drive sports coupe powered by a twin turbocharged straight-6 S55 engine. The same engine that you get in the BMW M4 but producing 405HP from the factory. These vehicles already offer an exceptional driving experience from the factory. However that is only a fraction of what this platform is capable of. With enhancements made to certain key areas it transforms these M2’s into exceptional drivers cars with a lot of power!

The idea behind this build is to essentially create the ultimate M2 show/track car. Be able to offer epic levels of performance on any track and then be an absolute show-stopper at any weekend car shows. Our job was to find that perfect balance between the two disciplines. 

What has been done so far?


The vehicle has been outfitted with a full Airlift Performance air suspension with the 3H air management. The benefit of going performance air suspension is that it is able to offer the same levels of performance you’d expect from a performance coil over. Then at the push of a button you can slam the vehicle to the ground and give it a stunning stance.

It is a common misconception that air suspension is “floaty” or “bouncy”. In the early days this was the case but the latest offerings from manufacturers like Air-Lift have been developed with the performance focused enthusiast customer in mind. Being able to offer that perfect balance of show and go.


While a full engine build of the S55 with upgraded Stage 2 Pure Turbos is planned for the second stage of this build, the first engine performance modifications being outfitted to the vehicle is a full Eventuri carbon fiber intake, charge pipes, and a Methanol Injection system.

The Eventuri Intake and charge pipes are designed to offer an aerodynamically efficient airflow path from the filter to the turbos. The easier and more efficient it is for air to enter and exit your engine makes it easier to produce more power with other supporting modifications. The intake system from Eventuri will have no issues supplying a sufficient amount of air flow to the upgraded Pure stage 2 turbos

The benefit of a methanol injection system is that as methanol is sprayed through the intake manifold it drastically lowers the temperature of the air flowing into the pistons. Colder air is denser which means it holds a lot more densely packed oxygen atoms. The more oxygen within the air/fuel mixture going into the cylinder translates to a more powerful ignition. In simple terms colder air means a lot more power.


Along with a rear-seat delete this M2 is being outfitted with a plethora of M Performance touches, including M performance floor mats, and a beautiful set of Recaro Pole position seats. These seats offer a more structured seating position that will allow you to stay firmly in your seat as the car pushes you from side to side in the corners. On top of that they offer a simple but beautiful change to the interior. 


For the exterior the customer spared no expense on outfitting the vehicle with every M Performance carbon exterior addition that is offered. This gives the M2 an unrivaled OEM+ aesthetic but still be wild in its own right.    

Next stage of the Build 

The next stage of the build is all performance. Once the M2 is back in the shop the S55 will be getting completely torn down and the motor build with forged internals will begin. With a fully built S55, Pure Stage 2 turbos, VRSF downpipes and Meth Injection this M2 Competition is going to be a beat sin its own right very soon!

Make sure to stay tuned for future installments of this epic BMW M2 competition build process. You can also keep with our video series of this M2 and other Eurofed builds on the Eurofed YouTube channel!

Where can I have performance modifications installed on my BMW at a shop near me?

At Eurofed Automotive we offer performance solutions for BMWs with a variety of options from the top performance vendors in the industry. 

Contact your local Eurofed to learn more about our industry leading performance solutions 

Transmission Service

How-to Know When Your Transmission Service Is Due

What Is a Transmission service?

Every modern internal-combustion powered automobile is equipped with a transmission. The transmission is responsible for transmitting the power generated by the engine to the wheels. This is done by a variety of moving and interchanging gears with specific gear ratios for specific speed ranges. To allow the gears to move seamlessly with no friction and avoid damage to the gears, gear oil is required within the system to provide lubrication. Furthermore the transmission fluid is responsible for cooling the transmission as well. This is very similar to how the oil is utilized within the engine. 

Overtime with normal use the gear oil begins to degrade in their ability to provide sufficient lubrication and cooling for the transmission. Much like the oil in your engine, the oil in your transmission and its filter are maintenance items that need to be replaced at dealer-specified service intervals. This is known as a transmission service. 

Understanding what type of transmission your vehicle is equipped with and knowing when the next transmission service is due is critical to maintaining your vehicles reliability and dependability. 

The Different Transmission Types

Over the years automotive manufacturers have created a variety of transmission designs that are built for their own particular purposes.  Here is an outline of the three most common designs that you will see in vehicle’s sold today.

Manual Transmission

The manual transmission is the oldest and simplest in design. In order to change gears it must be done manually by the driver via the operation of the clutch and the shifter. The most common service items for a manual transmission is a transmission service and a clutch replacement service. 

Torque Converter Automatic Transmission

The most common transmission utilized in vehicles today is a torque converter automatic transmission. Instead of the gears being changed manually with a gear lever, they are changed automatically with the use of a torque converter and a TCU, Transmission control unit. 

Much like your engine’s ECU, Engine control Unit, the TCU is a computer module which monitors the various systems such as the speed sensor and throttle position sensor to dictate which gear is best suited for that given situation. While the TCU is automatically changing gears within the transmission the Torque Converter momentarily separates the engine from the transmission to allow for a much smoother gear change. 

The most common service and repair items for a vehicle equipped with an automatic transmission is the Torque converter, mechatronics unit, transmission fluid and transmission filter. 

Dual-Clutch Transmission 

A dual-clutch transmission is very similar to an automatic transmission in that they’re both operated automatically with a TCU. However instead of utilizing a torque converter, a dual clutch operates with two sets clutches that operate their respective half of the gear set. 

The advantage of a dual-clutch transmission is that it offers a quicker and more direct gear change than you could have in a traditional automatic or manual transmission. This is thanks to the addition of that second clutch that gets the next gear ready for use at the press of a paddle.

As you are currently engaged in a gear the second clutch already has the next available gears spinning and ready to be engaged. A dual-clutch transmission is more commonly found in performance models such as Volkswagen’s DSG transmission, Porsche’s PDK Transmission and Audi’s S-tronic Transmission. 

The most common service and repair items on a dual-clutch transmission equipped vehicle is the transmission fluid, clutches, clutch basket and transmission fluid filter. 

When is my transmission service due?

Every manufacturer designs their transmissions with a particular service interval. However there are general service interval ranges that we recommend for each of the main 3 transmission designs. 

  • Manual transmission fluid service: Every 70,000-80,000 miles
  • Automatic transmission service: Every 60,000-70,000 miles
  • Dual-Clutch Transmission Service: Every 30,000 – 40,000 miles 

If you are not sure which design transmission your vehicle was equipped with or when it is due for a transmission service, you can have your vehicle inspected by an experienced automotive technician. 

At Eurofed automotive we offer courtesy inspections with every service to provide full transparency to our customers about the condition of their vehicle and how to best maintain the vehicle’s reliability and dependability. 

Click here to learn more about Factory scheduled maintenance.

Where can I have a transmission service performed at a shop near me?

You can have a transmission service performed by a dealer-certified technician at any of our 13 Eurofed locations across the southeast. All transmission services are backed by a 2 year/ 24,000 mile warranty.

Contact your local Eurofed today to learn more about our affordable auto repair services.

Porsche PDK Service

Porsche Dual-Clutch “PDK”

Transmission Services

What is a PDK Transmission?

Since 2009 Porsche has outfitted a number of their models with a dual-clutch transmission known as the Porsche Doppel Kupplungs, more commonly known as PDK. The PDK transmission offers a quicker and more direct gear change than you could have in a traditional automatic or manual transmission. This is thanks to the addition of a second clutch that handles the engagement of half of the transmission’s gear set. This new design allows for the next gear to be ready for use anytime at the press of a paddle and engage seamlessly.

The main advantage of this style transmission is on the track where gearshifts are done in the blink of an eye with little to no drop in power between gears. 

What Porsche models come with a PDK transmission?

  • (2009 – 2012 ) 997 Porsche 911 Carrera, 911s, Targa, Targa 4, Targa 4s, GTS, Turbo, Turbo S
  • (2012 – 2019) 991 Porsche 911 Carrera, 911s, Targa, TargaS, Targa 4, Targa 4s, GTS, GT3, GT3RS, GT2RS
  • (2019 – Present) 992 Porsche 911 Carrera, 911s, Targa, TargaS, Targa 4, Targa 4s, GTS, GT3, GT3RS, GT2RS
  • (2009 – 2012) 987 Porsche Boxtser/Cayman, S, 
  • (2012-2016) 981 Porsche Cayman/Boxster, S, GTS
  • (2016 – Present) 982 Porsche 718 Boxster/Cayman, S, GTS
  • (2010 – 2016) 970 Porsche Panamera, S, 4, 4S, GTS, Turbo, TurboS, E-Hybrid
  • (2017 – Present) Porsche Panamera, 4, 4S, GTS, Turbo, Turbo S

When do I need to do a Porsche PDK transmission service?

At Eurofed Automotive we recommend having a Porsche dual-clutch transmission service performed on a 40,000 mile service interval on a PDK equipped Porsche. 

The PDK transmission service includes our dealer certified mechanic changing the Dual clutch transmission fluid and filter. During the service our Porsche technician will perform a courtesy multipoint inspection on the entirety of the vehicle to ensure it is up to date on all of its factory scheduled service and other preventative maintenance..

Click here to learn more about factory maintenance schedules.

Where can I have a shop perform a PDK service near me?

You can have an PDK service performed by a dealer-certified technician at any of our 13 Eurofed locations backed by a 2 year/ 24,000 mile warranty.

The PDK transmission service by Eurofed automotive is a form of routine maintenance for your PDK equipped Porsche. 

Contact your local Eurofed to learn more about our preventative and affordable services

Factory Scheduled Maintenance

Making Sure Your Car’s Maintenance is up to date.

What Is a Service interval?

When a vehicle is designed and engineered by a manufacturer, they create a maintenance schedule for the lifetime care of the vehicle. The maintenance schedule marks particular services that are suggested by the manufacturer to be performed on the vehicle at certain mileage or time to insure its reliability. 

When your vehicle is nearing a certain predetermined mileage point it is advised to have your vehicle taken to a certified automotive service shop, such as Eurofed Automotive, for routine automotive maintenance. 

How do I learn my vehicle’s service intervals?

Every model has its own unique service schedule, so finding out what that specific schedule is crucial when owning a new or used car. The easiest method is to have your vehicle inspected by an automotive repair facility with certified mechanics on staff. From there a service advisor can provide you with a detailed service schedule that outlines the recommended automotive service work for your vehicle. 

Keeping your vehicle up to date on its maintenance is critical to its reliability to function. If routine maintenance items are not done it can affect the integrity of other related systems and cause a premature failure. 

See how to find your closest Eurofed Automotive location here.

What are the most common Maintenance items for vehicles?

Though the Service schedule is unique to each model the services that are performed are very similar and good to keep in mind on when they are due for service.

  • Oil Change
  • Spark plug service
  • Transmission service 
  • Clutch service
  • Cabin air filter 
  • Engine Air Filter
  • Brake fluid service
  • Timing service
  • Brake service
  • Tire Rotation 
  • Inspection
  • Maintenance light reset

Learn more about Eurofed’s automotive service offerings here

Where can I have my vehicle maintained at a shop near me?

You can have your vehicle’s service performed by dealer-certified technician at any of our 13 Eurofed locations. And all service work is covered by a 2 year/ 24,000 mile warranty.

The cost-effective preventative maintenance services provided by Eurofed Automotive make sure you can enjoy your vehicle for as many miles as possible.

Contact your local Eurofed today to learn more about our affordable auto repair services.