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IS38 MK7 GTI : Eurofed IN/Depth

Welcome to Eurofed In/Depth, on this series we go into detail on some of our favorite builds that we have been a part of. In this addition we are featuring our long time customer Derik and his Mk7 GTI that was purpose-built for Georgia’s fast and twisty mountain roads. While the MK7 GTI platform is […]

B8 S4 Avant Build PT: 2 | Eurofed Builds

On this addition of Eurofed Builds we catch up with the progress that has been made on the Audi A4 Avant that is having a supercharged 3.0T engine and dual clutch drivetrain swapped in. Last we checked the 3.0t was removed from the S4 Sedan donor and being prepped for its new home. That prep […]

Top Range Rover Shops Near Me

The Range Rover line from Land Rover has always stood as the standard for the perfect mix of British luxury and overlanding prowess. However they have also made a claim to Infamy for higher than average maintenance costs. Choosing the correct automotive repair shop that won’t waste your time and money is important when your […]

European Auto Repair Near Me

When it comes to owning a European vehicle, the refined driving experience that they offer is unparalleled. However, for all of that innovation comes at a cost. European vehicles are commonly the most costly to maintain and repair. Finding the right European automotive service specialty shop that you can trust will make sure it is […]

Coolant Leak Diagnosis & Repair

What Is Your Vehicle’s Cooling System? For most vehicle’s their engine generates power with the help of thousands of controlled explosions within the cylinders to push the pistons down, turn the crankshaft and send power through the transmission to the tires. This method of internal combustion develops a lot of heat within the engine. Too […]

BMW M2 Competition Build : Part 1

On this addition of Eurofed builds we begin one of our most extensive BMW builds to date. The build begins with a BMW M2 Competition, a 2-seater rear wheel drive sports coupe powered by a twin turbocharged straight-6 S55 engine. The same engine that you get in the BMW M4 but producing 405HP from the […]

Transmission Service

What Is a Transmission service? Every modern internal-combustion powered automobile is equipped with a transmission. The transmission is responsible for transmitting the power generated by the engine to the wheels. This is done by a variety of moving and interchanging gears with specific gear ratios for specific speed ranges. To allow the gears to move […]

Porsche PDK Service

What is a PDK Transmission? Since 2009 Porsche has outfitted a number of their models with a dual-clutch transmission known as the Porsche Doppel Kupplungs, more commonly known as PDK. The PDK transmission offers a quicker and more direct gear change than you could have in a traditional automatic or manual transmission. This is thanks […]

Factory Scheduled Maintenance

What Is a Service interval? When a vehicle is designed and engineered by a manufacturer, they create a maintenance schedule for the lifetime care of the vehicle. The maintenance schedule marks particular services that are suggested by the manufacturer to be performed on the vehicle at certain mileage or time to insure its reliability.  When […]

Caffeine & Octane June 2021

Once a month Perimeter Mall is home to the largest monthly Cars & Coffee in the United States, Caffeine and Octane. An event where you get to see the entirety of the Atlanta automotive community, from all walks of life, come together to celebrate a common passion. This enables for an amount of diversity in […]

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