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What is a crankshaft position monitor and why does your Mercedes need it?

Mercedes is a solid vehicle manufacturer, but there is one prevalent problem their vehicles exhibit over time. The failure of the crankshaft position monitor happens in many Mercedes vehicles as they age. If you drive an older Mercedes, especially a CL500 model, your vehicle is at risk of a failed crankshaft position monitor. When this monitor fails, it causes unstable driving conditions and loss of engine efficiency.


A crankshaft position monitor is an important part of your vehicle. It monitors the position and rotation speed of your crankshaft while it works to transfer engine energy to the wheels for movement of the vehicle. Your Mercedes’ onboard computer system then takes the information from the crankshaft position monitor. It uses it to adjust the operation of the crankshaft, giving you a better ride and improving your engine’s efficiency. When the crankshaft position monitor fails, your engine may not run. There are warning signs you can watch for to see when your crankshaft position monitor may be on its way out.


Is your Mercedes giving you trouble when you try to start it? Or is it stalling or misfiring when it does start up? These are two signs of a failing crankshaft position monitor that should send you and your Mercedes to the shop to have the vehicle checked by your mechanic.

Some other signs that your vehicle needs maintenance or repair that may be connected to a failing crankshaft position monitor is an illuminated check engine light on your dashboard, poor acceleration and falling engine efficiency. Should your vehicle demonstrate any warning signs, it’s time to take your Mercedes in for repair at your local Mercedes-qualified repair shop.

If you live in the Snellville, GA (Snellville West) area, Eurofed Automotive is the right shop to take your Mercedes for repair. Their qualified technicians will be happy to talk to you about your Mercedes and complete any necessary repairs your vehicle requires. Call us for an appointment or estimate today! Early detection and repair of issues like a failing crankshaft position monitor can save you from more costly and time-consuming repairs in the future.

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