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Sprinter/Transit Van Services

For many businesses the Dodge/Ram/Mercedes Sprinter Van and/or the Ford Transit van is an invaluable asset for conducting business. They offer a great deal of space and versatility that make it the perfect tool for a variety of industries.  However, being such a useful vehicle means miles will add up quickly from all that use. […]

Mercedes-Benz Service and Maintenance

You can have your Mercedes’ service performed by a Mercedes dealer-certified technician at any of our 13 Eurofed locations. And all service work is covered by a 2 year/ 24,000 mile warranty.

The cost-effective preventative maintenance services provided by Eurofed Automotive make sure you can enjoy your Mercedes-Benz for as many miles as possible.

Fix a Flashing Mercedes Check Engine Light

The check engine light in your Mercedes is there to be the eyes and ears for problems within your car’s operating system. Its job is to keep you informed about what might be malfunctioning that you can’t see or haven’t noticed. However, it is one thing to have your check engine light come on, and quite another if it […]

Reasons Behind Drivetrain Problems in a Mercedes

A drivetrain is a group of components located in your vehicle that transfer power created by the transmission to the wheels, enabling your Mercedes to move forward. These components include the axle shafts, U-joints, CV-joints, differentials, and driveshaft. The vehicles of today commonly possess one of four various drivetrains. These include front wheel drive (FWD), all wheel drive (AWD), rear wheel drive (RWD) and four wheel drive (4WD). Most Mercedes models feature either all wheel drive or […]

Mercedes Transmission Differential, Clutch Service Repair

Let’s talk to about the Mercedes Transmission Differential, Clutch Service Repair! Class, sophistication, reliability, and performance – the Mercedes-Benz has it all. Nevertheless, it won’t stay that way especially if you do not provide the maintenance services to keep it running smoothly. Often overlooked components of your Mercedes-Benz that require that maintenance and servicing are […]