7 Tips for Maintaining Your Mercedes-Benz

A proactive maintenance schedule is one of the best ways to protect your Mercedes-Benz. Save yourself reactive repairs by building a solid relationship with a trusted, knowledgeable Euro-centric mechanic shop, like Eurofed Automotive in John’s Creek.

Visual Inspection

It’s a good idea to start a routine visual check of your vehicle to be able to notice and address any impending issues. If you can, have your mechanic do a visual walkthrough to give you a baseline to start your future checks.

On the list of items you should keep an eye on:

  • Hose and Belts
  • Fluid levels
  • Filters
  • Tire treads
  • Lights

Maintenance Service Indicator System

Equipped on every Mercedes-Benz, the Maintenance Service Indicator System will help you track when you need maintenance and on what systems. Don’t know what the specific service information is for your model? Check out your owner’s manual. Car Wash

Protect the exterior of your car with routine washing and waxing. This will keep your paint looking showroom new and let you see where it has chipped, so it can be repaired before rust or another damage occurs.

The Undercarriage, Too!

While we all know the benefits of washing the visual part of our car, it’s also important to wash the undercarriage. Dust and debris can clog filters and cause blockages, affecting your vehicle’s performance.

Wipe Down the Interior

Protect the interior of your Mercedes with routine cleaning to protect the leather and safeguard the upholstery and carpet from normal use and unexpected stains.

Shade is Your Friend

Extended exposure to sunlight will fade your paint over time. If you can, park in the shade or a garage. For those times when you can’t, consider a car cover. It may add a little more time to your day, but it will protect your investment in the long run.

Be Vigilant

While you’re getting into the habit of performing a visual inspection, also pay attention to your Mercedes’s sounds, smells, and feel. If anything feels off, make a note for your next scheduled maintenance. If the issue is severe, contact your trusted mechanic shop immediately.

Armed with this knowledge, you are prepared for a lifetime relationship with your Mercedes-Benz. If you don’t have a current mechanic shop, contact our Eurofed Automotive shop in John’s Creek for a consultation on a maintenance schedule today!

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