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Factory-Scheduled Audi Maintenance

Audi is synonymous with luxury. Whether you own a 1980s or newer Audi model, one thing remains consistent for all Audi models: preventative Audi maintenance is essential. If you maintain your vehicle to Audi specifications, you’ll be able to revel in its sophistication and performance for years and miles to come. The more diligent you are about the essentials, whether it’s brake fluid maintenance, cabin, and engine air filter replacement, or something as simple as timely oil changes and oil filter changes, the better your vehicle can take care of you. Failure to adhere to your Audi car’s maintenance can mean your battery manages to quit at the most inopportune time. Or, your engine overheats in the middle of a heatwave, or your brake pads wear to the point of damaging the rotors. Repairs can be time-consuming and costly, which is why it’s best to visit us at Eurofed in Duluth, Georgia, to have the essentials taken care of on schedule and avert the chance for problems to arise. Your owner’s manual will have suggested Audi maintenance service intervals for a wide variety of items, but you can also consult our expert team for guidance.

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