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Factory-Recommended Volkswagen Maintenance

Volkswagen manufactures some of the most reliable vehicles in the industry, but no car can survive without essential maintenance. Here at Eurofed in Duluth, Georgia, we offer the full spectrum of Volkswagen maintenance. One of the most pertinent is the oil change. An engine has many moving parts—pistons, crankshafts, valves, gears, and more. To prevent metal parts from rubbing against each other instead of working together, those parts need to be lubricated. Oil is that lubrication. Over time, oil gets low, dirty, and loses its ability to keep things greased. As a result, parts start to wear down when they grind together, too much friction is created, and overheating can occur. In addition to lubricating, oil keeps your engine clean by collecting dust, particles, and debris. As the oil itself becomes dirty, it becomes less effective and will require a new supply. Other maintenance services our Volkswagen repair specialists offer include items like fluid checks and adjustments, filter changes (oil, cabin, and engine), tune-ups, and wheel alignment.

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