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Mercedes Service A

No brand quite compares to Mercedes-Benz. It’s in a league all its own, and its vehicles continue to uphold its legacy model year after model year. A large part of that legacy can be attributed to the world-class engineering in Mercedes models. The best way to experience the refined ride of a Mercedes-Benz is to keep up with its routine maintenance needs here at Johns Creek Eurofed in Duluth, Georgia. Mercedes lends a hand with this via its Mercedes Service A and B. The first Mercedes Service A visit happens at 10,000 miles or one year and every 20,000 miles or two years after that. It involves a list of services that ensure your luxury vehicle operates in peak condition, including motor oil and oil filter replacement, fluid checks and corrections, and a brake inspection. If anything is found out of the ordinary, rest assured we will take the necessary measures to find a solution. The maintenance counter will also be reset to account for the next service time accurately.

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